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Just wondering if any of you have gone through miscarriages while having PCOS. I just had a miscarriage last month (my first one). I do have a 10 year old daughter and had absolutly no complications with that pregnancy (or conception). My husband and I tried off and on for about 8 years and finally when we decided we were done (I mean hello she's ten!) I found out i was 5 weeks pregnant at my annual check up. At a little over 9 weeks we discovered there was no heartbeat and it was the size of a 6 week old embryo. I would like to try again, but I am terrified I will have another miscarriage, I dont think I could go through that again! I believe my miscarriage was caused by insuficient progesterone levels. Has anyone else here had a sucessfull pregnancy after a miscarriage with PCOS?

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I wanted to tell you that I was in the same boat as you. However, I did fertility treatments to get my (almost) 4y-o daughter. About 18 months, got pregnant after the first month of metformin, saw a heartbeat at six weeks and 8 weeks, had low progesterone-so was taking pills. At the 8 week ultrasound they thought the baby was measuring small. Then at 10 weeks started bleeding. They said that the baby was measuring only six weeks- the same as at the previous u/s--but they gave me no indication that a miscarriage would be possible. My RE (reproductive endocrinologist) seems to think that I have some endometrosis (which I had previously removed and treated with Lupron shots prior to pregnancy) and that can cause miscarriage like we both experienced. The chances of another miscarriage are less than 25% and I read yesterday at the RE's office that even after 3 miscarriages you have a 72% chance for a sucessful pregnancy. If you go to a reproductive endrocrinologists, they can give you internal supplements which will aid in low progesterone. If you are concerned about the PCOS as the cause, I would definately go see an RE. They have lots of options for you to try to aid in conception and sustaining pregnancy. I am in the middle of a treatment course to produce ovulation and the correct hormone levels. My last internal scan showed my ovaries covered in cysts and abnormally enlarged. Good luck! Hope that helps!
Wow Amy thank you so much for that really does ease my mind a lot. Before having a miscarriage I never really thought much about them or what a woman goes through. It was soo much harder than I ever thought it would be! I had a delayed miscarriage so for three weeks I was carrying around my dead baby all while still having pregnancy symptoms, yet knowing I was no longer pregnant. I mean how much more of a "salt in the wound" senario could you get! Its been just over a month and everytime I see a pregnant woman all the heartache comes back. In fact I was suppose to attend one of my best friends baby showers this weekend and declined simply because I just couldn't go seeing all the baby stuff. I hope it gets easier! Woman who have not bee through a miscarriage really have no idea about the affect it has on you. It's one thing to never be able to get pregnant but its quite another to get pregnant after soo long and then have it all taken away. It's comforting to know about others who have been through this.
Miscarriage is the most "secret heartache". For some women miscarriage is just a natural form of life and they don't seem too effected. For those of us whom pregnancy is a difficult journey- miscarriage comes with a lot of heartache-and often outward emotions. I have learned of many friends who have dealt with miscarriage, but it was only discussed after the fact. I read some statistics that said about 50% of pregnancy end in miscarriage. Over a million a year. This INCLUDES people who are a week or two late and then bleed AND the diagnosed miscarriages. Truthfully, the first year was the hardest for me. It gets easier- but I still haven't attended a baby shower since. I can say now- after MUCH reflection, religious impact and reading materials, I am a changed and more blessed woman because it happened. Give yourself the time you need to heal. I am still scared to get pregnant again cause I don't think I could do it all over. However, I have a friend who had three miscarriages- then took Femara and now is pregnant with twins.

Hi Kris,

I read your post and had to join up to reply, only to discover that i too could benifit from a website like this.

My son Rhett is now eight weeks old, i was diagnosed with PCOS in 2004 and never thought i could have kids and so never hoped for them. about a year and a half ago i discovered i was in love with a long term friend of mine and we became pregnant about a month later.  I was so amazed that i was able to get pregus, so were the Dr.s and we changed so much of our lives to get ready for the baby.  i had one ultrasound at eight weeks and saw a fluttering heartbeat, but at the twelve week mark there was just what looked like an egg yolk, there was not even much of a fetus to see.  It was so devistating! there was so little support from the health system here for me and afterwards there were so many women saying that they too had had a loss.  I managed to get myself through it but every time i got my period after i could feel a sense of disappointment on mine and my partners faces.  it was about six months later tho that i found out i was pregnant again.  We were both very excited but nervous too, there was a little bleeding at eleven weeks which terrified me but i drew the strength from somewhere and it turned out ok.  weended up having to have a caesarian at 41 weeks exactly as he was over five kilos, 11p2 and i didn't want to risk hurting him with a natural birth, in any case i think he was pretty comfortable coz he wasn't going anywhere lol we tried lots of home remedies to bring him on.  I guess what i am saying is that it is scary after a miscarriage but it can be done.  I like to believe that if it is menat to be it will happen.  I know it is hard for so many women and their partners too, and i sometimes think about the sibling Rhett could have had buti look forward to trying again next time, it really is our choices to be the healthiest person we can for our children and sometimes that is still not yet enough.  life is an interesting journey, good luck in getting pregus again :)





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