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I just baked the pumpkin protein bars, they are cooling off right now.  I'll be back to review them once I sample them.  Please post what recipes you have tried, also if you've made any tweaks or substitutions and a review! 

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I'm pretty sure that I can't tolerate the whey protein powder.  After I made that delicious shake I was not feeling well, my tummy bloated up & you could be in the same room with me!  Since it's in the protein bars I decided not even to risk it.  MY husband has been eating them & loves them.  My daughter tried them and didn't like them, she said that they were not sweet enough (I just used a few packets of stevia).  The turkey muffins sound wonderful!

I made the turkey muffins and they are awesome!  I ate them cold yesterday!  They are a great in between meal with some veggies!

I didn't have chipotle pepper, so I subbed in about a tsp of siracha.  Super yummy!

I've made the chocolate & pumpkin protein bars (into muffins).  Both are fantastic!  I ended up buying MRM veggie protein powder since I'm pretty sure that Whey doesn't agree with me.  I added 5 chocolate chips to each chocolate muffin and heat them up before eating, it's a real treat! There is a slight aftertaste from the stevia, but it's not bad.  





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