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Hello ladies today is day 16 for me.  I know many of us are on different days, but I'd love to have a check in to see how everyone is doing!!! 

I'm doing good my weight loss so far is only 0.5 lbs.  But my body fat has changed but I'm thinking that I must have not been drinking enough water when I begun because if you don't drink enough water you won't get accurate results...I supposedly went from 38% to 30%...I'm pretty sure this isn't possible in 15 days time and I'm only doing the work outs as prescribed by LiveFit.  So that's the most logical explanation.  We shall see what it says next week.  I will also re-take my body measurements next week. 

After all the shopping and cooking I did yesterday I was exhausted and I didn't get day 15 workout in so I'm going to do it this am then do day 16 tonight in order to catch up.  Note to self do it first thing from now on so that it doesn't get pushed off!  I posted a few days ago about the Bowflex that we bought off of CL I no it wasn't totally necessary but I'm hoping that with this I really can modify everything and not need a gym membership.  Scott has been using it a lot and really loves it!  I also discuss some of my feelings and thoughts about not achieving the perfect "Jaime Eason" type body.  I'd love to and if I do I'll be thrilled, however I have done some major working out and clean eating in the past and although my results were pretty great they were nothing like the models that you see.  I was pissed that working out 2 hrs a day, eating super strict every 2-3 hrs and I wasn't getting those results.  I'm trying to be more realistic this time as well as work for lifelong sustainability.  That is really truly my ultimate goal!  

The eating for me is going really well, but the grocery budget had gone out the window!  Also I'm so annoyed after I grocery shop my fridge is so jam packed I can't find anything & I have to move stuff to get to anything!  I do need a bigger fridge but need to have cabinets cut out in order to fit one!  Food prep is KEY for me!  I cook a few chicken breasts or extra lean ground turkey, sweet potatoes or brown rice or quinoa and I boil 15 eggs, I assemble a couple salads, yogurt with berries and chop veggies for various uses every few days.  I also fill my weekly vitamin sorter once a week.  It is all pretty labor intensive for sure but, if I don't do it I'm left to my own devices when hunger strikes.  I have been packing my cooler for work everyday and drinking tons of H2O.  So far so good.  No complaints really.  Food prep gets old but it also becomes habit. 

Best piece of advice, stay on top of the shopping and prepping!  Don't put off the exercise until later do it in the am whenever possible.  I do have certain days that it isn't possible but yesterday was my day off!!! 

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NSV!!! Yesterday I have a black dress pants that I only wear for catering and they were pretty snug on my for the last few months.  I wore them to work yesterday and they are no longer digging in, I was comfortable in them!!!!  I Thought I saw a slight change in my waist but didn't know how much is my imagination but once I put the pants on I knew! My shoulder, clavicle and upper arm area looks smaller and less fat.  My husband says that my back is looking better too.  So although the scale is slow there are defiantly changes for the better. We will take body measurements on Wed this week.

Is anyone else starting to see the slight differences and the beginning of their transformation? 





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