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What is the most difficult part of losing weight for you?

Please share your story. We can all learn something from this question. Sometimes we do not know why we are yo-yo'ing in weight, or why we can't lose weight at all. And sometimes the problem is that people haven't identified their problem and thus, can't direct themselves towards a more suitable plan. With your answers, we can help others find their direction and help them to create a plan of action. And always remember, HAVE FUN! Enjoy your process to success!


What I find most challenging is the ability to stay resilient and disciplined. I find it very difficult some days to believe that I am actually losing weight. A part of me wants to stay at baseline, where eating McDonalds, Taco Bell, or any fast-food for that matter, is normal. It's what is most comfortable and what my body knows well. There is a battle happening in my mind between trying to stay true to my program or to excuse myself for one day to eat and cheat. It is indeed resilience and discipline that I am working on most. Because I want to become ripped and have a nice physique - be easy on the eyes of others, and wear really nice fitting clothes. Most of all I want to be healthy and live a good life. I sometimes don't believe that I am capable of that, and that right there is my vice. 

Thank you for reading. Looking forward to seeing all of your answers. Good luck to you all!




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