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Some of you might and some of you might not be familiar with Lauren Conrad, Fashion, Beauty, Décor & Health guru. Well last summer, on her website, she blessed us with her Get Fit: It’s Bikini Boot Camp blog. While I missed out on it last year, I read it this time around as she brought on of her fans’ blog fave back. In the blog, Lauren discusses her regimen to getting into shape right in time for beach bod season. From Breakfast, to Lunch and Dinner and even Snack options, to everyday workouts, it’s safe to say that Ms. Conrad hits the nail on the head with turning your flab into fab and quickly. So what are your quick solutions to being ready for the sandy beaches? Share your thoughts, before and after pictures and bless us with your story on this Get Fit Quick discussion.



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Oh I really like Lauren Conrad and her style..........I am not familiar with her Bikini Bootcamp but feel like I am pretty much doing everything she says, though after three children I will not be wearing a bikini any summer! lol, I would be happy with an attractive one piece though : )

Yes she is amaaaazing. I love how she is good at so many things. Very inspirational. Don't ever sell yourself short regarding a bikini. With drive you can do it. There are plenty of moms that look great and I'm sure with your great attitude you can too. Don't ever say the word "can't" for everything is possible. ;-)





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