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I had a really great trainer tell me one time that our biggest downfall tends to be how we talk to ourselves and see ourselves. She challenged me to tell myself one positive thing every morning. She said write them down and look in the mirror and say it to yourself first thing in the morning. She said remind yourself throughout the day.

I have taken the liberty and attached a sheet with 30 positive affirmations. I am going to cut them into strips, put them in a container and pull one out every morning for the next 30 days. If you can't open the attachment let me know and I will post them.

I challenge you guys as part of our commitment to Countdown to Turkey Day to tell yourself something positive every day!!!!

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I like this. I accept your challenge.
I accept as well! This is kind of funny because just last night I put post it notes and markers in my and my fiances bathroom so we could put up a note daily to write positive things to start out our day. We could either write our own or leave one for each other. I will add this to our positive notes! Thanks!
I LOVE that! I printed out a copy. Challenge accepted. :0)





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