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I am hungry now so I will talk about food. 

Sometimes I will make a whole wheat wrap with hummus spread with spinach, green olives and turkey.  Sometimes I will vary it and use black olives and some monterey jack or mozz.

Sometimes I will make pita with sprout, turkey and Paul N's olive oil dressing.  I love that. The sprouts soak up the dressing and gives the sandwich the flavor it needs. 

Many times these are my go to breakfast foods. Over and out.

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Sounds yummy and filled with protein!


I always have to force myself to eat outside of the box-meaning I fall into the traps of eating the same basic foods all the time and sometimes I get burned out if I let myself.  That's why I like to hear about what others are eating-to give me ideas.


My regular stuff right now that I eat are: Cornflakes @ breakfast (Kellogg's brand is only 100 calories per cup!), I also like Better'n Peanut Butter sandwiches made on the light whole grain bread.  I am eating frozen veggies now b/c there aren't many decent fresh ones here. I was going crazy on cucumbers for a while and glad I took a break from those before burnout.  I eat the morningstar farms stuff regularly, different yogurts (whatever is on sale) including greek yogurt.  I like affy tapples (only like 140 calories-and apples/nuts are healthy--I feel like I'm being "bad" but it's not that bad), plums, and grapes--oh and a frozen fruit mix I found.  Progresso soup has a mac & bean soup for around 300 calories that I like. And there's a potato/cheese/broccoli frozen entree from either Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine that I've recently discovered and like. (I add a ton more frozen broccoli to kick up the veggies) I've also discovered sugar free balsamic vinaigrette dressing so I can have big salads at hardly any calories....and I used to go ape over fresh cranberries (or frozen) that I'd put in the microwave--but I burned out on those. :P  During my "journey" I've discovered so many other great foods I wouldn't have otherwise tried. :)

I love morning wraps are ..all wheat wrap , 2 eggs whites, pico de gallo, 1 strip of turkey bacon , and 1/4 of avocado and a little of low fat cheese.. it is yummy





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