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Has anyone heard of or experienced being wheat free as a way of eating?   I just ordered a book from Prevention called "Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight"?    I find that wheat products really trigger an eating response in me.  Once I start I keep on snacking.   I'd love to hear some other thoughts on the subject.

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I've read up that there's no benefit to that unless you have a medical problem indicating a need for doing so.


Maybe you can decrease the amount you eat, though--and don't put them around a time that would make you snacky? And maybe eat more protein so you won't feel snacky??

Hi. I am mostly wheat free - I have an allergy and if I eat too much of it, I *crave* it! *Craving* a food IS a form of an allergic reaction. So if you eat too much of a food, beware that your body may be having that kind of reaction.

I can eat wheat occasionally -if it's high quality- and no problemo, but as a rule I stay away from it and do much much better.

(Also gluten and yeast are not for me -same problem as wheat.)

Hi Terri,

Check out a book titled, "Wheat Belly" as well, lots of great info. I realize this post is not current, but I wanted to chime in real quick. I found when cutting wheat out that I may not be allergic but I just felt better. Sometimes the foods we eat all the time over time no longer serve us and mixing it up can renew some things like energy, digestive health, skin health, etc. I wonder if in going wheat-free for just a little bit like 14 days would curve the cravings enough to evaluate of you wanted to abstain going forward. 

Best of health,






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