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I've always heard that women should do the weight training because it helps with slowing metabolisms and something with bone density???

Are any of you concerned about that?


Have any of you had a bone density screening before?

I've seen them offered at the Y I go to (I think they're free) but I never got them because I'm not sure what all is involved with it.

I think there's also some sort of test similar to an xray that is taken to determine the state of your bones--I think my mother had one at some point--

I feel so ignorant about all of this....

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I have not had a bone density test.  I have heard and read that weight training does help strengthen bones which is something we need to think about as we age.  I suppose the stronger our bones the less likely they will break when/if we fall when we get older and start losing our balance.  Another reason to strength train and also yoga.  That is why I think cross training is best.  If we do too much of one thing- we risk injury.  If we do some of all of it- we are preparing ourselves for the aging process.  I know when I am doing squats and they hurt I sometimes remind myself that I want t be able to get on and off the potty all by myself for as long as I can!!! :)

Hey--did you know in India, they have toilets that are a hole in the floor that you have to hold a squat while you're doing it?  They must have some massive glute and leg muscles from that!

(of course-they don't use toilet paper either-they use their HAND and a bucket of water for cleaning after defecation)

That is too funny!  So it's diapers or India for me???  Hmmm.... I will have to think on that one!!!

I don't use generally use weights because I feel like I always end up overusing one muscle group and often end up feeling like I have a "cricked" neck.  I do yoga about 5X a week though and I definitely feel that it helps build muscle.  I know I am a lot stronger than when I started--my daughter even rolls her eyes at my "yoga muscles" in my arms. 

@Jill--thanks a bunch for that visual--I will have to remember WHY it is so important to do that chair pose I hate some much ;-P

I havent had a bone density test yet either.  I would be curious to see what the results would be.  I have read different views as to when to begin getting them done.  If you get the opportunity,  I think you should try and get this done.  Yes, weight training and strengthening definitely is supposed to be beneficial for osteoporosis.  My mother was also told to do a lot of walking for this.   Its funny that I ran across this today.  I was just mentioning in my blog about antacids and calcium.  Since I lost weight, I have not needed to take any antacids anymore for heartburn. I think I convinced myself (not correctly I am sure) that the extra calcium in Tums or Rolaids would help with my bones.

P.S.  the toilet picture is very interesting.  wow the muscles you would need!

I lift weights as well - but I do it on a bowflex machine.  It's safter that way and I don't have to wait for my hubby to be free to spot me so I don't hurt myself.  Strength training is supposed to offer all kinds of benefits.  Muscle burns more calories even at rest and I, too, have heard that it helps with making bones stronger.  I recommend it, but you have to be sure to do it right or you could end up hurt.  It's a fun way to help make your body look better.  As they say, dieting makes you look good in clothes, but exercise makes you look good naked.  :D

I have bone density tests done every couple of years after knee/ankle surgeries where they put plates/screws and I am in menopause. some Dr.'s have one where you just put your ankle in a u shaped thingy and they measure.  Didn't hurt and was super quick and then they have some that look like scanners that you lay down and it's taken like an x ray. Neither hurt. Good to ask your gyno or family Dr for  one if you haven't just to get a baseline.

A few years ago, I read a book entitled "Strong Women Stay Slim."  It really pounded in the value of weight training for women of all ages, in that it helps build muscle, increase metabolism, and may even help to combat bone loss.  The author is Miriam Nelson, if you are interested.

Moderate weight lifting really should be in a weekly schedule.  Especially for us ladies.  You see child bearing is tough on our bones--so many lose calcium while the fetus is developing.  A supplement/diet with adequate calcium is a must.  In addition, moderate weights strengthen bones & muscles and help reduce serious injury and degeneration of the bones. Strong bones also help with our blood production. Another benefit is that it tones the body. It also does boost your metabolism--but be careful.  Lots of weight lifting can increase your appetite and if you eat the wrong kind of calories can be self defeating from a weight control point of view.





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