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Who's got the insider info? I head points were decreasing and life time members get access to eTool!  What have you heard? ANy predictions? 

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I heard the monthly price was going up to $42 but if you were already current- you were locked in at current price.  I also heard for Life Timers that if they had to pay because they were up 2 pounds had to pay $14 instead of $13.  I too heard that Life Time members will get etools IF they maintain their goal weight (within 2 pounds)  I also heard that points will be lowered to 26... however you can still lose with 29 so they are making it "legal" to bounce between the 26-29 point range.  Now that the plan has been up and running for almost a year they are seeing that you can still meet your nutritional needs with 26 points.  So people may get better results with the 26 points.  ( I guess I have heard a lot) :)

I am at lifetime and I am attending meetings every week. I did hear the rumors about free eTools for lifetime members (assuming that they weigh in on target every month at a meeting). I haven't heard anything about changes in points though.

Yikes! I just heard about the lowest level of WWPP daily points dropping down to 26 per day!! I did hear that the lowest level will be a range of 26-29, rather than just the 29 daily points. I was relieved to hear this because I use up every single point allowed (daily + activity + weeky)!! Next week the new changes will be explained at meetings. If you haven't been to a WW meeting lately, next week might be worth a visit!


I too use up ALL my points!  So glad to hear there is someone else doing that and having success!

I hope the rumor about free eTools is correct.  I've got about 8 lbs to go to goal and I feel that eTools has been such an essential part of my success on this program.

We are neck and neck with our weight! :) 

race ya!

tee hee!!!  GO!

Yikes--my point allowance dropped from 29 down to 26!  I was able to go in and move it back up to 29 though!





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