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What's your VOTW this week?

I'm back on cucumbers since they went on sale again.  I have other veggies, too, but, this is the largest quantity item.  :)

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Snap peas & peppers. Tonight's dinner was a stir fry that included both. I got a bag of colorful peppers for $1.00 so I just couldn't pass it up.

Broccoli. I try and sneak broccoli into anything I can. Broccoli crowns are fair priced and I love the taste. They are so versatile.

I am late and I guess we are onto a different week. I am obsessed with butternut squash right now!  I like to clean it and cut it into stips, spray them with a little cooking spray and then I add salt, pepper, cumin, paparika and chipotle chile powder (this is pretty spicy), then I bake in a preheated 400 degree oven turning at least once until it is all caramelized and delicious.  I love the contrast of the sweet squash and the hot spice, so yummy!  I normally roast one off and eat it all week.





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