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Looks like I forgot the VOTW for last week! Oops!

What's your veggie of the week this time?


For me, it's cauliflower and fresh green beans.


Cucumbers went from being 3/$1 the last month to being 75 cents each--yikes!  While I don't appreciate the price jump, I guess it will at least make me have a little more variety so I don't burn out on cukes.  It would be nice to say that my VOTW was tomatoes--I have a small tomato garden-but, due to the weather (usually, I have tons of tomatoes by the end of August for sure) I have only gotten 3 total from there-and that's just in the last 3 days.  I hope I get lots off of there before the stupid frost comes in!!!

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Keem, my VOTW SHOULD be tomatoes--we had a lot come ripe in the garden all at once, and I've got to figure out what to do with them. The green bell peppers did NOTHING this year even though I planted a lot of them.


I will say Sweet Red Bell Peppers--Sunday my daughter (taking the healthy cooking class) and I made the Turkey Stuffed Peppers. The stuffing was lean ground turkey, whole grain brown rice, a little tomato sauce and spices. After baked, we topped them each with a little sprinkle of reduced fat cheese.

The peppers we used were HUGE, ended up being a little too big, in my opinion. But once we stuffed them and baked them, wow were they sweet and delicious!   I actually had never eaten a stuffed pepper before (I know, where have I been!)  This was something like 300 calories and 4 grams of fat for 2 halves.  We had a small side salad with just some artisan lettuce and cukes.
We decided that next time, and everyone thought there should be a next time, we would make them with a mexican spicy flare--maybe lean ground beef instead..Overall a big hit, and I'm going to have to go back to those Red bell peppers (although they are a little pricey too)


Are onions vegetables?  I'm obsessed with onions right now, the Walla Walla sweet onions, I swear I have been eating them daily!  Some onions, mushrooms, pam spray, and salt grilled up.  Sometimes alone, sometime with egg whites...  YUM!

Spinach! I've been eating a lot of it lately....

My veggie of the week is tiny cherry tomatoes that my nieces brought me from their garden. They are so sweet/sour. Like nothing I've ever been able to get at the grocery store. I've been having them plain. Just snacking on them like they were popcorn!

Green beans





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