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I'm so excited that I found this place!  Just joined today and I have a brag to share.

I bought a super cute dress at Forever 21 (because I think I'm younger than I am, lol!) back in March to wear when my husband and I went to see Mary Poppins on our trip to NYC.  Well... it *almost* fit.  The zipper didn't want to make it all the way to the top.  It's a really cute dress, so it's been in my closet sort of as the "tester" dress.  I try it on every now and then to see if it zips. 

It's been a crazy summer for me (I'm a Kindergarten teacher).  Lots of things going on and I've been worried that I wouldn't stay on track because I've been away from home the majority of the summer.  This past week, I've been very good.  I've been logging my food daily and I went to the gym almost everyday.  The scale has been looking good.  So this morning, I decided to try on my Forever 21 tester dress.  And. It. Zipped!!  It looks good, too, which is an added bonus!

I was so excited and wanted to share.  Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing this journey with you!

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Excellent! Congratulations on the zipping up!

Did you really think you could get away with a post like that and NO PICTURES!?!?!  LOL

Congrats on your victory.  Those "my cute dress zipped up!" moments beat the heck out of any scale reading!

Congrats! I have a couple items that "fit" but they could definitely "fit " better! I can't wait for these glory moments!





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