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I was a very active person two years ago. after getting married, losing my baby, stop working, and going back to study I gain 30 pounds.

I got an elliptic machine and I want to use it to loss weight.

Can some people give me some inspiration to go back to exercise!!!

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Best of luck with getting back to exercise.  It is not easy to do while studying!  Perhaps you can tape some of your lectures and listen to them while on the elliptical?  Or maybe look at your exercise time as a break from studying and listen to music instead.  Most importantly, you always have time to fit in some exercise.  Even if it is only 5 minutes--it counts and it adds up!  Let us know how it is going.

Let's see.......working out will make you feel great, will improve your health, and will help you lose weight.  Weight loss though is probably 80% related to diet and it is hard to exercise away a bad diet.

If I were you, I'd start small.  Start tracking your food - good free sites at or 

Think about what you're eating and why and set a reasonable calorie goal.  Start moving every day - even a 10 minute walk is good.   I bet you'll find that taking some small steps will motivate you to take bigger steps.   I started small back in oct 2011 and now down 80 pounds and have been at maintenance since April 2013.  I feel fantastic!!

Thank you so much!
I will track how long I use the elliptic machine

Part of my workout today was elliptical sprints--something I had never done before. We went for 60 seconds as fast you can possibly go, then an active rest (moving, but slowly) for 30 seconds. Repeat until you feel like you might cry (or at least I did). Haha. We did 10 sprints today. It was a good way to switch things up.

HI Claudia.  I realize you posted this over a month ago but I just got back on Blog to Lose myself so I am just seeing it.  The only inspiration to get back to exercise is yourself.  You need to be healthy so you can be your best at all you do.  When I was getting back into working out, I started slow.  I could only do 6 mins on the elliptical so that is what I did.  Now I can do 40 mins easily.  Don't let yourself get bored either. I like to read while I am on  the elliptical or stream Netflix so I distract myself from how long I have been on.  Also, I try to do that 2 days a week then something else a few days a week to keep from getting bored.  The best way is just to start. Good luck!





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