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this is my first 2 weeks back on the weight loss journey, and i have lost 10.5 lbs thus far.

i am 21 lbs down from my highest weight last year, but i lost that in the fall, so it's not really part of hits current journey.

anyways, i have 5 lbs to lose to hit 199 lbs, and that's exciting.

my goal is 140, so here we go!

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Great job!

wow, thts great, congrats, i actually weigh 142and m trying to go down to 125, what are some of the hings u r doing to lose weight, if u dont mind sharing plz. I realy need some help. thnku.

Hi Michele: I'm just starting my journey again as well. I lost 110 lbs from Jan 2011-Oct 2011. I had a hysterectomy last Dec and was off work for 8 weeks. I did great while I was at home but when I returned to work in Feb 2012 I started to eat. I gained back 35 lbs. I had started out Jan 2011 at 350 lbs and went down to 240. I was back up to 276lbs but since my start last week I'm down to 262.8 this morning. Just knowing someone else is starting back again really helps me know I'm not alone.


Go Michelle!  Awesome outcome!  I'm just on 200 and hoping to bust through it soon...  I'm off on an overseas holiday so it will be hard to lose but not impossible.  At the rate you are going you'll SMASH through to 199!  Hope to hear more awesome news when I get back in the new year!  Good Luck and keep up the wonderful work!  D





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