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Thought it was a good idea to create a post that people can add on ideas for healthy Tgiving foods--or recipes that are modified to be more healthy--like the one about the mashed potatoes made w/greek yogurt one that I just read on another post.


Let the ideas flow, people! :P

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Along with all the completely unhealthy sides--I'm perusing braised red cabbage recipes.  Some of them have a lot of bacon, sugar and butter--but I think I can tone those down (I'm probably the only one who will eat it!)  I've also requested to have someone bring baked sweet potatoes so that there is a healthier option than the divine garlic mashed potatoes.

I'm looking for a healthy sweet potato recipe, maybe even using the crockpot?  Anyone?

I guess you could do crustless sp pie....and use egg beaters intead of real eggs-and could use something like equal ---or go halfsies between the replacement stuff and the real stuff...

That would help the recipes be more healthy!  (I do a crustless pumpkin pie thing which is good!)

Oh-and my grandmother cooks sp with cut up apples and some raisins--that's healthy---but go lighter on the raisins since they're higher in calories. :)





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