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One of my big pitfalls is sugary foods. How do you fit them in/avoid them in your diet? Are you successful in losing weight with or without dessert? 

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I never ate a lot of desert so its not something i miss usually. But the trick might be finding a substitute or two that you like. Like avocado chocolate pudding. It sounds super weird but its a vegan substitute for chocolate pudding and its really really good!!!! Its healthier since you get good fats from the avocado as well as some fat and antioxidants from the cocao powder and it uses honey or agave nectar for the sweetener. Quick and easy its worth a shot! I believe its one avocado to 1/4 cup of the other two ingredients each. But double check online!

Or I found a recipe online for splenda egg white meringue cookies

3 egg whites
1 Tbls apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup splenda
1 teaspoon vanilla

Egg whites plus vinegar in mixing bowl blend until small peaks form slowly add splenda and vanilla and beat for a long time untill stiff peaks form. Use parchment paper on cookie sheet and spoon out mixture into tablespoon sized dollops. Bake at 300 for 30-40 minutes untill lightly brown . This recipe is super low in calories! Good luck!

I love, love, love sweets. Life is just not living without dessert in my book! Haha. But seriously, I find that if I know I love something and try to avoid it, I just cave and eat all the sweets in sight. Instead, I try to find better ways to curb that craving. I love skinny cow ice cream treats, sugar free pudding, or even fruit. The other thing I try to do is make sure that if I am going to eat something sweet that it is "worth it" In the past I would eat any cookie, cake, brownie, ice cream thrown my way. Even if it wasn't good. Now if I go to a party and they serve store bought cupcakes, I know to pass and wait for an opportunity for something that tastes better. My mantra is "I can have what I want, but I can't have everything" It reminds me that if I really want something I can find a way to fit it in, but I can't decide that I want everything all the time.

This is very helpful

I try to avoid sugar. Especially the white processed crap. Not that any sugar is good, but I will try treats that are sweetened with honey or maple syrup. 

I'm not as much a sugar fan as I am (or was) a fan of the salty snacks.   That said, I still enjoy cookies, cakes, pies, and ice cream. While I was actively losing weight I did limit those and would only  have a little amount on the weekends, if then. Like Christy wrote and only if it was really worth it.   now I do keep ice cream in the house and if its in my calorie limit for the day I'll have about 3/4 cup.  May have cake or pie on the weekend if we are at someone's house as I would rarely order dessert when out.  If a group wants dessert I'll have a few bites.

Now the salty snacks?  Can't keep 'em in the house at all and stay away from them for the most part.

One is never enough for me when it comes to anything with sugar so with God's help gave it up. Check out Sweet Seduction: How to Say No to Sugar Cravings - and Roy helped me lose 90 pounds and heal from depression and panic attacks.

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