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     I've noticed over the years that consistency is one thing that gets me about two months into my "healthy lifestyle". Has anyone else had this same problem?  I try my best to stay on track, but sometimes that bit of family drama or bad day at work sets me off onto bad eating habits!

    I've never considered myself to be an emotional eater, but the more I track my feelings the more I notice a behavioral pattern with my cravings! Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

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i get migraines a lot and when am low i eat, would love to know how to stop bec this is my down full?

   I would recommend trying to eat small meals or snacks every three to four hours, and make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting a good amount of sleep. Dehydration, hunger and sleep deprivation are my three primary causes for headaches.

I found tracking is best for me. I still do mine paper, but use My Fitness Pal to evaluate the whole picture.  I try to distract myself from food when I feel "stressed" if I am home I will get on here and post. If I am at work, I will go to the restroom or just take a short walk around the general office.

I am a total emotional eater! One day at work, my friends and I were having a conversation at lunch about an issue that's been bugging us, and before I even realized what I was doing, I had reached over and popped one of my best friend's cookies into my mouth. I have the urge to eat when I'm sad, mad, stressed, even bored... it's a coping mechanism. What I've started doing is keeping sugarfree gum on me at all times, and carrying a water bottle. When I feel the need to eat but KNOW I'm not hungry, I chew gum or drink some water just so my mouth is doing something. It's helped my weight from jumping up and down so often because of my moods. 

Also, I took up knitting so that I'm not just sitting around watching TV at night. If I'm doing something with my hands, especially something as involved as knitting, I can't keep reaching for a bag of chips.

I think, it a good thing that you notice your behavioral pattern, now you have a little power to say not this time.

I emotionally eat all the time! I eat just when I'm bored. I do try to distract myself from thinking about food. The other day, I found myself vacuuming, cleaning windows, anything to keep myself busy and not run to the fridge. Its exhausting but it helps. Also, when I lost weight before having kids, I used to reward myself with things other than food. If I had stayed consistent all week, I would take a trip to the mall and buy a new shirt or get a manicure. That helped me stay consistent. Maybe next time there is a bad day or drama, take note of it and remind yourself to stay away from the kitchen. That's what I'm trying to do anyway. Good luck! 





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