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I need serious support! I lost about 60lbs on Weight Watchers, and over a course of 10 years, re-gained 40lbs, got married, lost 65, got pregnant, gained 40 and now I'm having the hardest time loosing this weight. I think it all boils down to remaining committed to positive changes yielding positive results. Having a child (under a year old), working full-time, trying to properly balance everything while planning meals, etc., presents its challenges. It's so easy to fall back into old BAD habits but I need help from someone other than my family saying,"I'm here for you" and yet, do nothing. SO MANY people have said, "you get a just had a baby"...well, am I still going to use that crutch as she approaches a year old and beyond? I'm very competitive, lost a lot on a diet and everyone I did the diet with either managed to keep it off or gave up all together. So, if anyone can help me remain motivated and dedicated to this lifestyle change with suggestions, I will greatly appreciate all of your help. I know I can do this. The first 3 weeks are the WORST...I typically hit 2 weeks and fizzle out so here's to the umteenth time. I need help, will you help me stay committed to this change?

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I had to go back and check to make sure I hadn't written this post myself! Haha. We have a lot in common. I lost 65 pounds with Weight Watchers years ago before I met my husband. Then gained back 40 of it after I got married. Had my son in 2012 and found myself back to my highest weight ever after he was born. A few months after he was born I joined back up with Weight Watchers and over the course of the past 2 years am back at my lowest weight again. You are so right--you can do this. One day at a time, one choice at a time. I'll be here cheering you on!


I know what you mean about usually fizzling out after 2 weeks. I have tried more than a handful of times to get my original weight loss groove back, and it just wouldnt happen. Finally, something in my brain has clicked. My children are so encouraging, and my husband tells me your "beautiful," but I am doing this for all of us. I have found that FB has several WW groups that are terrific. I just joined a few this week, and I couldn't be happier. I have finally found real people working the plan. You can achieve anything, because your God made. :)  Take care.

Dear Mandy,

If you are like me, no diet could fix me. I did all the diets, did therapy, did 12 step programs, did exercise, did spiritual programs, but nothing worked to help me keep losing weight or keep the weight off once I lost it. I just don't have the willpower. I didn't realize how insidious this condition is and how it pervades every aspect of my life. What finally worked for me was getting help from Spiritual Healer, Roy Nelson. Roy lost over 100 pounds and healed from many addictions and has devoted his life to helping others. He helped me lose 90 pounds and heal from depression and panic attacks. The real miracle is that I have kept the weight off for 5 1/2 years. Roy taught me how to live my life in a way that supports me to be thin. Working with Roy helped because having been morbidly obese himself, he understood me better than I understood myself and provided an environment of such love and safety that I could deal with whatever was underneath the food addiction. Check out He has a book coming out in August, so be sure to watch for it. Don't beat up on yourself, this condition is incredibly powerful and as Roy has told me, "it wants you dead, but it will settle for miserable." I don't know about you but I was married with two kids and worked full time and was miserable.

Sending you lots and lots of love,






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