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I know everyone says losing weight is easier when you are young but I was wondering if anyone actually was experiencing that? I seem to be having such a hard time losing any weight. I'm 28 and can't imagine what it would be like to lose weight when im older if it is this hard now!! Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!

A more personal question. Does anyone have any experience with birth control and its effect on weight loss/gain. I always ask my doctor if that could be a factor in my tough time and she always says there is no way that the BC is the problem! Please Help :( 

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Birth control pills played no part in weight gain. I never gained weight while on them and I was on them for YEARS. The problem with weight loss now is the fact most people are inactive and they eat a really poor diet of processed foods. Especially fast foods. Eating whole foods and limiting fats is the key to losing weight. Losing weight is not easy at any age.

Thank you.

I think that the whole "losing weight while you are young" thing is more about lifestyle than anything else.  The older you get, especially if you are a woman, there is a bigger chance that you are living your life for someone else.  Kids, husbands, ailing parents, boss, etc. 

In my early-mid 20's I spent tons of time in fitness classes, the workout room, playing social sports (but unfortunately not following a particularly healthy diet--a very spartan existence during the week followed by binge eating and drinking on the weekends).  During my late 20's until my mid 40's my life became more about spending time with the spouse and kids (in spectator mode!) eating what they wanted to eat.  I was always heavier than I wanted to be and it seemed that nothing would make the weight come off.

It wasn't until the last couple of years that I decided that I really needed to figure out how to make my body healthy so that eventually it could also be fit.  I slowly but surely completely revamped my diet and eating habits.  The weight (50 pounds) came off very slowly, but quite easily.

As for birth control pills--I doubt that they have much positive or negative effect on your weight.  However, if you aren't happy with that method for some other reason--explore some other options.  I know this may be TMI--but I wish someone had seriously talked to me about an IUD YEARS ago.  Holy smokes--what a great change that was for me.

I second that! Soooo glad I got an IUD!

I'm in my 20s and I haven't found it to be easy and not really impossible either. When I was struggling I figured out that it was because I was still having sedentary days, basically sitting most of the day, even though I was going to the gym. I started wearing a pedometer to make sure I was moving around during the day. I think cutting back on processed foods and lots of bread/pasta (my favorites) helped me get over the hump too. I'm not sure about birth control having an affect, but your doctor probably has a lot of experience with it. 

Losing weight is only easier when you're young if you take the opportunity to exercise. Aging makes us all weaker, and when you're 20-something it's easier to build your endurance and muscle-mass. But it also depends on your current level of fitness. I am 24 and nearly 50 pounds heavier than my body needs to be, so that makes it slightly more difficult to get back into fitness... but because I've been pretty active most of my life (from running and playing sports), I know if I really work at it, I will reach my goals.  If you want it to get easier you have to commit and really dedicate yourself, even if it means just power-walking for 30 mins to an hour everyday! Personally, I've cut my stupid Facebook time in half, and that is how I made time to exercise! :-)

I don't know but I lost 30 lbs when I was about 25-26 and it was very hard mentally. Ultimately it came down to choices (should I have the cookie and then I only get a small dinner or skip the cookie and have a fulfilling dinner? I liked having a good sized dinner) However, the weight did seem to come off easier than it is now. Now I am 29.5 after twins and it just seems to be taking a lot longer now. Could be that my hormones changed after giving birth but sheesh! Good luck! I'm on day 6 of my new lifestyle change.

P.S. I've only heard of the bc shot contributing to weight gain but never used that method. 





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