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I keep finishing my kids plates! Aaack! 

It's like a disease. I even finish the horrible teething biscuits. lol 

I caught myself this morning and threw it away but it's amazing how unconscious it is. 

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I do it too! Ugh! Completely mindless eating- easy to not count it too. I come from a Clean Plate Club and I have to remind myself that I don't have to clean the plate. The food will not get disappointed that I didn't eat it.

It is amazing how we do this and don't even realize it.  Can you ask your kids to smack Mommy on the hand (a love tap of course) whenever they see it picking at their food? :)

that's a good idea! Today I planned for hit. I knew he would finish so I waited to make my breakfast until after. :)

I could never do it and wouldn't.  Why? Because.....well.......I'm sort of a germaphobe. :P  I know kids get sick a lot, too.  Strep seems to go around a lot at my daughter's school, too and she's had it many times because of that.

I just can't do it-even if she had a BROWNIE on her plate unfinished, I wouldn't touch it.  As a matter of fact, in the past, like if we were at a gathering and someone insisted we bring home something I would adore-like chocolate cake, brownies etc, I used to make my daughter LICK them because I knew that once her "cooties" were on them, they would be unappealing to me. (Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!)

Maybe you can think about the germs etc to help you not eat the rest??

lol doesn't work for me. I'm the opposite of a germaphobe. It's just not in my DNA. I could seriously take food our of a garbage if the situation was right. Sad, I know. 

I am a garbage picker too!  I LOVE that we can admit that here!  I have to throw certain things away and then pour ketchup in the trash just to make sure I don't go hunting!!!  ICK!

If it was something awesome like fudge, quality chocolate, or brownies in the trash (MY trash-not a public trash, btw) and it was still wrapped-I may go for it if I felt desperate---but if it had been eaten off of or touched other trash etc, I couldn't.  That's why, when I've disposed of tempting goodies before, I've STEPPED ON THEM with my shoes inside the trash can and crushed them so I wouldn't even think of garbage picking. :P

Ohhhh!  I LOVE the stepping on it.  SMOOSHING would really help!  And I wouldn't have to waste any more ketchup!

Humm, you ladies have given me something to look out for.  My son is about to be one year old in a few days so right now I'm not tempted to sip on his formula or finish off some strained peaches.  But as he gets bigger and eats more solid food, I will be making sure he is eating like I'm eating, just in case I do get tempted to pick!

No, you are not alone..... in fact, makes me feel like I'm family commenting on mom said to me that I am not a garbage can.  That did it for me.  I 'pretend' that the kids ate it (because for me it was mindless as well as not wanting to waste the food--logic being, I'll eat it so it isn't wasteful??) and turn my mind off and I stick it in the garbage.  If it is tempting, then I stir it up so there is NO going back.  Mom is always right,haha.





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