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I'm a super picky eater. I love chicken and hamburgers. Does anyone have any good recipes for picky eaters?

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I'm a picky eater as well.  I eat chicken tacos with fiber filled wheat tortillas and lots of veggies.  Also, I make my own pizzas with lots of different ingrediants on either a tortilla or a pre-made crust.  BBQ sauce can be used on a pizza or pizza sauce and they're both low in calories.  I use turkey pepperonis and turkey meatballs to lower calories.  I eat spaghetti with wheat noodles.  I make my own salads which is great for a picky eater.  Salads are just so easy to personalize.  Sometimes I don't have a meal, I just pick at foods and have a  mish-mosh of whatever I feel like.  I have a veggie night where I just sit down to a big plate of bell peppers with some laughing cow cheese.  I know that's not what you asked for but it's some of the strategies that I use.

WOW I'm so much more of a picky eater than you are lol. I eat no salads very very few veggies!!! :(

Try or for recipes. It's hard to make suggestions if you're picky because I don't know what you're picky about. :P

If I may be so bold to ask... do you want to STAY a picky eater, or do you want to work on the reasons why and move towards eating more and healthier?

I hate being a picky eater. I would love to learn to like new foods. Its like when I try something that I don't like a gag on it! Any tips would be welcome!

Hi Amanda,


I am also a picky eater. Actually thats not strictly true, I am a VERY picky eater!!! and like you I struggle for food inspiration. I love Chicken (its my my fav) but wont eat it off the bone. Im not a fan of beef, pork or any other meats. i will eat it but in tiny amounts (beef in a stew maybe). I hate any fat being left on meat, Im not a fan of veggies, and fruits 50-50 (have to be in the right mood for it) .!!!. Do we want to be a picky eater of course we dont!! but again like you i know what i like and i know what i dont. When your stuck in a food rut how do you get out of it and change your whole way of thinking and tasting??? beats me!!

Its a hard thing to overcome being picky.  I would advise you to make a vow to try a new fruit or vegetable or other food once per week.  You need to have variety to be successful and I am sure there are many things you will love to eat that are healthy that you have yet to discover.  It worked for me!

Thank you. I think I'm going to make that a new years goal!

Sometimes if you find a different way to prepare something you might actually like it!  My kid's don't like zucchini but I tried a new recipe where I stuffed the zucchini with chicken sausage & veggies and melted cheese on top & they loved it!  So do't dismiss something completely, try new ways & recipes to cook it!





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