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Hi everyone, I'm new to blog to lose and I just wanted to say if you have any tips or messages of support then please feel free to post them all over my page. I'm re-starting the weight watchers plan after 2 weeks of nothing but eating (I split up with my partner and found solace in pizza!). I want to get my self esteem back and for me that has always been linked with my weight. I am off to buy some scales this morning as I have no idea how much I weigh!, and will be posting my starting weight on my page later. Wish me luck x

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I just saw this now.  I don't know why nobody noticed it--or maybe the date settings on your post were off??

Anyhow-welcome! :)

 good luck! I personally didn't like weight watchers when I tried it because I started the program when I was 13 on the points plus programs and they allowed me 40 points.... I couldn't even eat 40 points so I ended up gaining. but best of luck to you I have seen a lot of success on the program and I wish you the best of luck! I am also an emotional eater and I know it turns into a vicious cycle. what sometimes helps me is to get out my anger  or emotion with a short trip to the gym, I really does make you feel better than eating yourself happy because whenever I eat emotionally I usually just feel a lot worse about it. but anyway, best of luck!


My grandparents were huge into Weight Watchers from when it started until they passed in their mid-90s.

Know that others are struggling with you and avoiding pizza also - for a good cause!!

All the best to you, Nikki!

Im starting over too. Good luck!





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