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I'm not quite to menopause. I think I have a few years left. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through it and if so: Did you gain weight during that time? and Did you get a lot of food cravings? If so, what did you do about it? 

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Cindy. I had this discussion with my friends recently. We felt it is didfferent for everyone. t seems can go through the menopause at an early age but it seems around 52 years can be considered norm ...Some of my friends mentioned soya products, I dont know if we felt food cravings was a part of it , weight gain we felt was possible if we let ourselves slow down.

I'm not at that stage yet but I have to laugh to myself the way we relate 40ish to menapause.:)

Thanks, Bridget. My mom said she had very few symptoms. She had to fish around for the age that it actually hit her because she said there were virtually no symptoms at all - just that her periods became more and more irregular. They say that sometimes what your mother experienced is an indicator of what you will experience. I've started using more soy products but for just regular health reasons so maybe it will have an added benefit!

Not sure if this counts but I am on hormones (long term) that make me NOT get a period, so it's like artificial menopause.  In my experience there has not been weight gain associated with it, but my guess is that depression and anxiety that many women feel may contribute to overeating and therefore weight gain may follow.  I could certainly be wrong but that would be my guess and worth asking your family doctor about or maybe researching online.  I'd be interested to learn what you find out on the subject!

Thanks, Michelle. I will probably see a doctor if the symptoms start getting a lot worse. I think I just feel like I'm in a race to lose the rest of the weight before menopause hits so at least if I do gain some it won't (or shouldn't!) throw me into a fit of depression!

You do seem a little young yet, but, everyone is different.


I think food cravings and weight gain around this time of year is common---though, if you've been totally behaving yourself and doing things right and still gaining, I wonder if it could be thyroid related?  That has similar symptoms. :)

Thanks, Keem. I'm 45 and have no children so I think the age is about right. I mostly just want to be prepared for it all and would love to have my weight off when it hits full on! 

Thanks, Lisa. I really don't know if I'm pre- or perimenopausal but I guess it doesn't matter much. I just want to be aware of what's happening. My mom said she barely noticed anything - no weight gain, few hot flashes, etc. The hot flashes have been the most noticeable signs for me. I've taken off my weight slowly so far so maybe that helps. I just want to be prepared. Thanks for the book tip! It has good reviews! 

Speaking as one who was thrown into menopause via a hysterectomy, I definitely experienced weight gain, sleeplessness, and lots of food cravings.  I tried for a year to go without hormone replacement therapy and it was AWFUL!  I gained a lot of weight and when I would try to diet, it seemed as though the scale would not budge.  I hated the idea of taking hormones, but I have none of the risk factors and, after my Dr. checked my hormone levels, we decided to put me on a very low dose of daily estrogen.  That has helped tremendously- I feel like a new woman.  Cravings are better, I can sleep, and am slowly chipping away at the weight loss.  I will say that I definitely have to up my workout level to a higher intensity to see any movement on the scale.  I am also still searching for a balanced eating plan that will not frustrate me into crazy binges.  Deprivation seems to aggravate me beyond measure!

If you are perimenopausal, the best suggestion I can give you is to become more aware of any connection you have between mood and food.  My experience showed me that my tendency to be an emotional eater became magnified 10 fold with menopause.  Set yourself up now with good habits and routines and I suspect you will ease into menopause and handle it a lot better than I did.   I was completely unprepared for it, and am now paying the price!

Hope that helps. :)

Thanks, LB! I think I'm starting early because I don't have children. I guess that would be perimenopausal and I just want to be prepared for it and as you say - recognize it. I'm hoping  I will have the rest of the weight off by this summer so maybe I'll be better prepared. The only major (and very annoying) symptom I've had off and on for about a year are miserable hot flashes. 

Thanks for your input! 

I thought I might add, or confirm, what others are saying. I am 40 and was thrown into a "surgical menopause" 3 yrs ago when I had a complete hysterectomy. My Dr did not put me on any replacement hormones. I have been obese my entire adult life, have struggled to lose weight at any time. So I wasn't sure what to expect. I think it actually made me MORE determined not to gain any more weight because of what everyone says. So YES I've had night sweats/hot flashes, YES I have cravings, but that is nothing new. and NO I haven't gained weight. I have slowly been able to lose 56 lbs, but it is a battle. I definitely have to MOVE MORE now in order to accomplish the same fitness/wt loss goals.

Hey Cindy, found out that many women our age are not really in premenopause. But, that there is an issue with the thyroid. More studies are being done on this topic. But, that is one of the reasons my doctor did a thyroid test on me, that is what the issue was. But, yes I am starting premenopause stuff also, but now that I'm on meds. for the thyroid, those symptoms are not as severe.  

I did nothing BUT gain weight! My whole life, I always had an hourglass figure with a super tiny little waist. Now I look like I am pregnant! It's awful! And food cravings?! HA! Suddenly, I MUST have BACON!!!! AND CREAMER WITH MY COFFEE!!!! I never did that before! It's really very easy to fall into the "oh, I am just getting older" attitude and then give up. DON'T! I am telling you from personal experience! Take care of YOU now so that you aren't trying to pick up the pieces later! What did I do about it? Now that I am aware of it, I am moving every day and eating healthy. Hopefully I will be able to lose this weight and get into tip top shape someday. For now, I am just making healthy choices every day.





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