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Someone asked me about this diet the other day. Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it a pre-packaged meal kind of thing?

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 went for a medifast orientation and was impressed by the guarantee of resuts but the cost was astronomical! over two thousand dollars was required to be paid in full before you start, plus they pushed their vitamins and supplements, and yes it is prepackaged foods; and the cost of the prepaid program does NOT include the 65dollars per week for the food. ridiculous cost was a major deterrent!


My uncle tried it and did lose weight. Mostly shakes for meals. Once he got off shakes and went back to solid food he regained. 

You should check out RVL, unlike other weight loss programs, once you get those pounds off, you keep them off, and its definitely not even close to that price Anna. I can send you some info if you want just send me an email at 

I did it for 3 months, lost 15 lbs. it was too restrictive for me personally. I would rather workout at the gym instead.
The food was pretty decent, but I was tired all the time from lack of calories (they keep you at about 950 a day).

The price was a factor as well. $300+ for food just for me when I'm not the only person I have to feed???just too much.





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