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No matter the plan... we all Blog to Lose!

Just thought I'd try to at least prime the pump and go to the boards that haven't been used yet to start them rolling.


How many kids do you have and what ages?

(Fur kids count too!)


I have one 8 year old daughter.

My "fur kids" are an 11 year old brittany spaniel and a 1 yr old white beagle.

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I have an 11 year old daughter Molly.

My fur kid is 4. Her name is Snowball!

YAY! Love this. 

I have 2 boys. 6 years and 8 months. 

I had have one fur baby, our  4 year old tabby cat. 

I have a 13 yr old daughter, a 5 yr old Great Dane, and a 4 yr old shepherd mix. We also share our living quarters with a 7 yr old tuxedo cat.

I have one fur baby and no real babies (yet!). He is a 2 year old cockapoo named Archie.

Two boys - the little one turned 6 in December; his brother will be 8 in March. And we have a very particular kitty.

I have one son.  He turns one year old on July 30th...just 17 days from now!  Time flies...I feel like it was just last year when I learned I was pregnant, but no, that was December of 2010!   I hated the process of being pregnant...I had everything from high blood pressure to temporary loss of hearing in my right ear (crazy, right?  That's because my eustachian tube was THAT swollen).  But for all the drama in the process, I love-love-love my son!  And even though I had hoped for a girl, when I comb out his hair after a bath, in that moment, I am very grateful that he is not a girl!





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