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Do you have more junk food in your house because of kids?

Are you tempted to eat it?


I know that most of the junk my daughter eats wouldn't be anything I'd bother with---such as little debbie brownies--I love love love brownies-but to me, those aren't brownies--they taste like clay.  I wouldn't waste my time with them.  It's the same way w/the chips ahoy and similar crud here--why waste the calories on chips ahoy when I could use them on something REALLY good for the same amount of calories?

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I am rarely tempted to eat the junk food because I like how it tastes.  I usually end up eating the junk food because the kid or husband REALLY wanted it and then never ate it.  I fall into the "we paid good money for it, someone should eat it" trap.  And then, since the food is so unsatisfying, I end up eating more servings...

The junk food that comes into my home is more because of the BOYFRIEND than the kiddos. He is a soda junkie and loves his processed snacks. I am generally not tempted by that kind of stuff...

Where I do find the kids make a HUGE difference is the time factor. As we all know, planning/shopping/preparing healthy meals takes a huge amount of time and money. When I was single, preparing every bit of my own food and getting to the gym 3-5 times a week was no problem. I had nothing better to do anyway. Since adding school schedules and PTA meetings and bathtimes and homework to my responsibilities (my boys came to me less than 2 years ago - I haven't had babies of my own yet), I find that frozen or super processed convenience food and even the drive-thru are more tempting. I find myself struggling sometimes just to heat up a frozen dinner to feed them in time for a reasonable bedtime, much less finding time to cook several nutritious and healthy meals every week. And forget about the gym!

I am blessed that my son is just about to turn one so I have the opportunity to groom him with healthy habits.  I barely give him juice not and if I do, I dilute it with water.  I plan to encourage him to eat whole fruits and drink lots of water and milk.  I plan to not keep junk food in the house but only have them occasionally as treats and only outside of the house in a one time setting like a trip to a restaurant or to the mall or a scoop of ice cream at a local ice cream shop.  The serving can be contained and there won't be any temptation lying around in the house to go back and mindlessly eat more.  And treats can be limited to once a week...I don't want him to feel deprived or sneak sweats behind my back when he gets bigger like I did when I was a teen.  Not ironically, that's exactly when I started having weight problems!





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