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I put quotes ariund it because I'm not the one saying this I told my sister (the string bean) about my new journey and all she could say was....that........well lovely sister its not that hard when you've never had to watch what you were eatinbut when you go from one way to anotherits not that easy. Thoughts? Comments?

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If you'd asked me this three years ago I'd probably have said it is hard to eat healthy, but my answer now is different.   In part I think because I gradually changed the way I eat to choose healthy foods more often than not.  Three years ago I started doing Meatless Monday and gradually moved to where at least half my meals are meatless.  As I lost weight I started to really like AND prefer the healthier foods.  Now when I look at a menu or plan my meals I naturally gravitate to the healthier things.

Over time it has become second nature.  Doing it slowly it what worked for me.

I think it gets easier once you start seeing the results.  Plus believe it or not your taste starts to change. 

Eating healthy isn't hard, but it does take work. Not many restaurants offer good healthy cuisine. But if you truly want to be healthy you can do it. I am not so sure I would talk to your sister about your diet, it sure doesn't seem like you would get any support and change requires support to be successful.

I had to come back to comment again to say that the secret to my weight loss success has been prepping my food ahead of time I do so once or twice a week.  I cook weigh and package everything up.  I use My Fitness Pal to calculate my calories and macros and that makes tracking so easy.  I'll try to remember to take pics next time I food prep and post what it to give you a visual.  It dosn't take that long and it truly works for me. 

I think it is both.   When you haven't done it for a really long time, it is very hard to keep with it.  I am saying this as someone who used to be very healthy and now I am struggling to eat better.  When I used to eat healthy it was very easy to do it and it was hard for me not to do it. 

I relate this quote to someone telling a person diagnosed with depression to "snap out of it."  It may not seem hard for some but for others every bite is hard.  The journey is not just about putting healthy food and correct portion sizes in our bodies while exercising regularly. It is about finding out why we are eating that candy bar or bag of chips when we are not really is about loving ourselves and not using food as a way to comfort ourselves. At least that is what it is for me.  Eating healthy "really isn't that hard" but that is not always the root of the problem. 

My post about meal prep can be found HERE

Hard? No!
Comment to it yes!
It's not easy!

I kind of get used to eating whole foods when I first did Atkins diet, back in 2004. More fiber loaded salads, grilled meats, baked cauliflower. And I kept my low carb office lunch for 3 more years, meaning I was preparing fiber salad (spinach, cabbage, celery or any combination of those) + some protein (tuna can, boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese). But I yoyoed back to 275 pounds in 2007 because I started eating processed foods again. But when I did my atkins in 2009, I slowly introduced other healthy foods (carrots, apples, nuts, seeds, other veggies, beans, lentils) and my palate has changed. So, I don't have any sugar cravings like I did before, processed food tastes too strong for me now. Now it's easy to eat healthy. Taste comes from olive oil, fatty salmon, coconut oil (I make great coconut oil homemade chocolate with honey and cacao powder), fruits, bananas, pork tenderloin, roasted mushrooms, eggplant and red peppers...





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