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Had one last week. I was so sore for days.

How....and WHY do they have to smash the WHOLE thing at every possible angle possible????


With technology the way it is, you'd think they'd come up with something better/easier/less painful etc.


I hate those stupid things!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does anyone else feel that way? Or maybe there are some here that LIKE getting them?

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you have me freaked out.  The doctor told me in April to get my first.  I haven't called yet about it because I'm avoiding it.  I'm gone all summer so now that I've waited this long I have to wait until at least Sept.

I dragged my feet about it, too. I hate everything about it--the lead balls they tape to your nipples that hurt when you take them off, the pulling your boobs out all long and smushing what's pulled out, and mushing from every angle...ughhh! And of course, the "Hold your breath while we take the xray!" when I was holding it anyhow because I wanted to scream and I was trying not to......

You know how older women have the long long droopy boobs?   I kept thinking to myself that maybe their boobs look like that because they had to get mammograms every year. This picture reminds me of it.....


I got my first last summer. It was very uncomfortable. You would think technology would make it possible to have a comfortable mammogram. Must be designed by men!

wait..what..NOOOOOOOOOO! I get mines next week and my doc said that they do not hurt...sigh...

HE/She lied....

They aren't so great getting them done. I had more pain AFTER it was over and it lasted for days.....

Finally got mines down are re-scheduling for various sicknesses. It wasn't that bad even though I was kinda amazing they were able to flatten them like pancakes with me being a size G. I guess that it why I did not feel any pain because I have to carry these big things around - ha!

My last one was last year. They are not as bad now that everything is done digital imaging. But, yes I agree with you would think they could just take a picture of your chest without smooshing it. Mine is really bad, because the lumps we are watching are near the armpits. So, first the mammogram, then to ultrasound....why they can't just do the ultrasound....$$$$$

Mammogram beats....pap smear!!!!!

At least paps don't hurt. :P  They're just embarassing/humiliating in some ways...

and cold...hate the metal...ok now it is plastic....

We have the metal still at my dr. 

I hate those stupid paper gowns, too.

I like that they have the 3 year pap now--sort of like the 3 year rabies vaccine for dogs. :P

The feeling is mutual. I loathe them. Thanks for the reminder though. I'm due for one and need to make an appointment. Nice to meet you by the way :) 





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