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I am looking for someone that can be my RNY Gastric Bypass Buddy and I could also use a Buddy that has had their Gallbladder Removed because I am having a major rough time with my RNY Gastric Bypass which I had in July of 2012 and I am having a Rough Time with not Having a Gallbladder because I had My Gallbladder Removed in July of 2012- Like For Example: I am Having Out Of Control Diarrhea that Lasts All Day long that is not Getting Better at all. I am needing someone who has had RNY Gastric Bypass that uses Myfitness pal. I could also use an RNY Gastric Bypass Buddy. I have a lot of Questions about RNY Gastric Bypass and the Gallbladder having been removed. I would like someone that has had RNY Gastric Bypass and Has had their Gallbladder removed that can be my email pen pal and answer Short Questions like for example: do you have any Pets? Do you like Music? What Type of music do you like? I would also Like Someone who has had RNY Gastric Bypass that can help me have a Gift Card to Walmart so I can Get Jeans and Shorts because I have no Job and without a Job I have no money to buy Jeans and shorts.If you can be my Gastric Bypass Buddy, Gallbladder removed Buddy and email pen pal please message me Channing

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I had RNY Gastric Bypass 9 1/2 years ago.  May not have answers for you but can relate my experience.  I have not had my gall bladder removed though.





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