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I'm trying to get myself pumped again!   You know that feeling, the honeymoon phase, when you first decided to start or re-start at loosing weight!  I love that feeling!!  The key is to sparking that feeling again when you've been at this game for weeks/months.  When I'm motivated I'm on top of grocery shopping, meal planning & prepping all my food!  Lately I've been winging it & not feeling very motivated.  I need to find that feeling again because I've been starting to slip!  Yesterday I grocery shopped & made garden veggie soup and stocked up on lots of great choices!  I'm feeling much better now but I need to feel like this all the time!  I was sooo busy over the last month or so that I let all my work get in the way and old habits began returning.  I've seen my mistakes and I'm ready to learn from them!  I'm ready to get focused again and really work at this! 

Any tips or ideas how to rekindle that excitement again after months of loosing???

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I was hoping for a few good tips. I am in dire need right now.

Ok so first of all you need to recognize how awesome you are doing. I cannot wait to post my successes and I will be doing a happy dance when I reach the 140's!!! You can do this, there is no other choice! Remember this is a way of life now. I think you are feeling very normal for someone who has as much going on as you do. Now that you dropped the algebra class you should have a little bit more free time to play in the kitchen. I think trying new healthy foods is a fun way to get yourself into it. I want to make butternut squash soup this winter and more chili. I love chili. I have been keeping cucumbers in the fridge, they are so quick to peel and I measure out a tablespoon of something to dip them in, and I feel so good after. I also keep frozen veggie burgers on hand, they make a super quick protein source that requires 2 minutes in the microwave. I will chop it up into my steamed broccoli or green beans, and precook rice to throw in as well. Much easier than eating meat which takes so much prep work. Lately I have been buying fresh broccoli crowns (super cheap at WinCo) and I pull one out at a time, use a small knife to cut it up into my pot and steam it before my meal. Takes around 7 minutes and is really not alot of work. I have heard those rotisserie chickens make healthy eating easy, and drinking the water helps always!! Those are a few tips, I remember when I was really in the groove (which I am trying so hard to stay in now) back in the day- I used to eat pretty much a limited variety of foods that I knew the values for. I ate a TON of veggies with them, sometimes I would chop up 2 whole tomatoes and add them to my chili just to get the filling effect. I love to be full. Ok sorry to blabber, my mind just kind of emptied onto the page! LOL!

Wow I read your blog at just the right time......I go through that beginning awesome phase of doing everything right......lose about 10 pounds or so....then Then I give up....till the next I get older it seems to be getting harder to lose and easier to go back to my old ways......I also am looking for tips and ideas to keep me on track.

I know what you mean. I'm in the honeymoon phase right now. I'm feeling pumped, my salad for lunch tasted great and i'm eager to get some exercise in and see the pounds melt off but I know this feeling doesn't last. In the past, I know for myself, it's really self motivating to do research. I'm a nerd, I love researching anything. So, finding new websites to research health and fitness or even picking up a health magazine helps keep me motivated. I'm also highly competitive so making a goal with a friend or my boyfriend helps too. I also like to read body transformations, mostly on They really recharge my batteries and help me change up my workout routines. Try different things and see what works for you. Good luck!

Well I think what will help you is motivating someone else who is struggling..with their weight problem.. this will keep you motivated too. by being a role model to someone who is trying to achieve what you have ; you will put a spark in your fire....

That is a good idea Erica, maybe helping someone else would help.  I am just finishing with a great vacation.....and am telling myself I have no reason not to go home and be good to myself and make good food and exercise choices.  I am thinking of doing a couch to 5k program to get myself up and moving.......since I have spent the last few weeks doing LOTS of walking.

I know that I posted this months ago, but I just had to come back to talk about what has been working really well for me for the last 12 weeks.  First I found a program that I was really excited to do.  LiveFit available for free on  Second I have at least one day a week where I prep food for the week.  I almost always make breakfast and dinner fresh everyday.  I like to prep lunches and snacks for the week.  I eat 5-6 times a day so prepping is so important.  I can grab and go food containers into my lunch bag grab an ice pack and head out the door to work.  The other thing that has been helping is reading on every blog or website that seems to fall into the clean eating & exercise with an emphasis on weight lifting.  I've also been doing so much thinking about maintenance and how similar it is to the process of weight loss and really trying to master understanding it so that when I'm there I'll be ready.  FOOD PREP is the number one secret to my success and that is something that I can commit to for the long haul and that is HUGE!!!! 





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