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Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Karolynn, 26, and looking for some support/motivation/friends on my weight loss journey, as I'm sure all of us are. Don't be shy to contact me, I love meeting new like-minded people. Have a great day everyone!

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Hi Karolynn! I'm just starting up here too. ☺

Hello Karolynn welcome excited to meet you and my name is Meia.

Hey! I'm a newb here as well. Hope we can help each other on this journey to a better lifestyle!

Hello Dee Kay Welcome

Hi Karolynn,

I am a newbie as well! We can support each other!

Welcome,  I am new too!  We can do this!  

Newbie here also!

helllo.... I am also new

Hi Karolynn!

I'm new as well, so it's nice to meet you! We can do this!





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