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Hey everyone. I've been on and off here. But I'm back and more serious that ever. In the past few months I've gained a bit of weight and am struggling on a daily basis with my body. I really need some help and support to get me through this time. I want to be healthy, have ENERGY and I want to be able to do runs out here in Portland by next year. I want to remain more focused and able to have that self control. I've struggled since I was 15 years old and I am not going to let myself gain ANYMORE WEIGHT. That's where YOU come in. I'm looking for someone to be a good pusher through this, I will definitely do the same for you! Also, I appreciate guidance and tips, anything. Thanks everyone!

-Cassi <3

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Heya Cassi- ill be monitoring your posts periodically... Im looking for some motivation myself! Perhaps we can help each other. Good luck to us both, see u around the site!

You are in the right place for support. Just ask for it.

Thankyou! :)

There is TONS of support here.  Post blogs, ask for help.  We lean on each other here!  It is a safe place!!!!!

Doing blogs here is the way to go! You can do this!

I know the feeling... I struggle back and forth with losing weight.. I know sometime I look in the mirror and say wow i haven;t changed much. But reality is that by making the effort to walk the extra mile and stop eating the 2nd cookie and driver faster when you see McDonald's with their sweet tea... I know you have it in you and when you are hungry get on the computer with a full glass of iced water and blog..this will keep your mind occupied . I see many people in here ( --> I am very new of here ...) and they have set back but still manage to reach and maintain their goals. if they can do it can do it..I can do it.

Hi Cassi,

I realize you posted here a few months ago now, but how are things going? What do you need in terms of support and accountability? What works well for you? I am in Portland too, feel free to reach out!

Andrea Leda Wilborn

Hey Cassi!  I need the same push and am ready to reciprocate.  :)

Dear Cassandra,

You wrote this post in 2013, so don't know how you are doing. I have struggled with my weight since elementary school. I did every diet, exercise program, therapy, 12-step, spiritual program you can think of but nothing helped me keep the weight off once I lost it. I couldn't keep the weight off because the weight and food weren't the problems. My real problem was much deeper. The only way I could get to that was by getting help from spiritual healer, Roy Nelson, Roy provided an environment of such love and safety that I could get to what I could never face before. Roy himself lost over 100 pounds and healed from many addictions and has devoted his life to helping others. He helped me lose 90 pounds, heal from depression and panic attacks and keep the weight off for over 5 1/2 years (the biggest miracle of all). Check out the website and watch for his book coming out in August.

Sending you lots and lots of love,






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