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I already have a wight loss blog and thought I could link my blog to the RSS feed here, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.  I should be out exercising, but instead I'm clicking here and there on this site in hope I will figure it out.  Has anyone else done this?



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Down on the left side, you can add it to the RSS feed there.  Keeping in mind that only people who go to your page on here will be able to see the headers for your personal blog posts there.  It will NOT feed into this blog.  If you want to blog and receive feedback from the folks on BTL, you need to add a blog post here.  So essentially you are keeping up with two blogs separagely.

Hope that helps.

Yes, that helps Linda.  Thanks for taking the time to respond!


I added you to my blog roll on my blogger page :)





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