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its not for ethical reasons, but I was just wondering if anyone had sucess losing weight on a vegan diet? I wanted to try it for 30 days to see if eating primarily plant based foods would help me lose weight. Any thoughts?

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You can only get healthy eating fruits, veggies and whole grains. 2 blogs I follow are;

Thanks for the links Paula ill definitely check them out!

I don't do vegan but have slowly moved to a much more plant-based diet.  We do Meatless Mondays too.   Since I made that change I not only continued to lose weight but that way of eating coupled with more working out saw a faster rate of weight loss.   I'm not just maintaining and with eating so many vegetables I can eat A LOT of food. Takes me a long time to eat and I'm full when I'm done.  but I do eat cheese and eggs and will eat fish, poulty, and meat (but in moderation). Generally at least one if not two meals/day are vegetarian.

You might be interested in Mark Bittman's book Vegan Before 6.  He eats a vegan diet until 6 pm then has what he wants. Still eats pretty healthy.  He saw weight loss and reduction in cholesterol too.  

Awesome! Congrats on your loss! I have found just in the 6 days that I have been eating vegan, I already lost about 5 lbs even though I haven't exercised nearly as much as I normally do. (Only 4 days instead of 6) and all of my workouts were shorter than usual. Ill definitely try to check out that book because it seems interesting and maybe ill try that diet after this month. For this month im trying to be strictly vegan and then afterward I'll definitely eat meat and dairy but probably a lot more sparingly. Thanks for sharing!





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