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I am wondering if it is normal for someone who has had their Gallbladder Removed to have Accidents in the pants, the Food Move through the Digestive System rapidly, Off and On Tummy or Abdominal Cramps and Loose stools or Diarrhea all the time because I had my Gallbladder removed in July of 2012- If So is there a something to help with this at all?If You know the answers Please Message me. Channing

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Sounds like when people take diet pills that block fat absorption....xenica is the name of one--I'm trying to think of the one that was really popular about 5-10 years ago...

That can be a problem after gb surgery. Talk to your doctor asap, there might be some simple dietary changes you can make that will help. I don't know if you are already eating low fat, but if not, that can definately help.





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