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For far too long I have pampered my depressed moods with thousands of trips to our side by side refrigerator/freezer, which housed for me joy incarnate: Aldi's Denali Moose Tracks ice cream, yet another roast beef-american cheese-pickle slices with mustard sandwich (and the associated plate filler-upper of chips/pretzels/cheese-its), leftover hot dogs from last night, three or four at at time. Then a hyper-glycemic induced nap in front of TCM or the Tiger game, only to wake up and do it all over again.


Yestreday I joined this Forum as part of my beginnings on a path to healing and wellness. I enjoy cooking and I will continue to do so, with slight alterations. Most of what we have as our dinners together wouldn't be considered 'bad' food, I just need to reduce my portions from 15,000 Calories to something much more appropriate. I will be avoiding processed foods and adding fresh fruits and vegetables, and I would very much appreciate any recipes and/or ideas along those lines. Thanks!!

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I had this today for lunch:  Zucchi cut into sticks and peeled and seeded, cucumber sliced with ranch dip.  I also had deli turkey slices and a piece of Flatout bread ( found in deli isle at Walmart) spread with 1 laughing cow swiss flavored wedge  and tomato slices, then rolled up .  Really tasty and filling.

Sounds divine, Julie! Salmon and broccoli on the grill for us tonight!

Great decision, I did the same. I stopped eating processed food and turned to localy grown whole foods. I even stopped eating bread. Try any of the stir fries with half of the portion of rice (brown rice) or some meat salads, like grilled chicken with spinach and schredded cabbage (season with olive oil, lemon juice and salt). That was my main salad when I was losing weight. My breakfasts are eggs with any veggies or oatmeal with cinnamon and some sunflower seeds. I keep snacking on apples, carrots, celery sticks, broccoli ...

OMG! I just read this and we could be the same person!!! I totally do the same thing....The 15000 calorie meals or even days...that's so me.

Good Luck to you. The one thing I will say is Yay for the both of us for knowing and seeing our patterns and now trying to do something about them.

Thank you for writing. I am not even sure what caught my attention but I am glad I did.

If we FOCUS ....then we will succeed!!! That's your key as well as mine. Focus on HOW MUCH we eat...not so much what!!!  Altho...the what does matter. For me...I am just starting (again) to pay attention to what I am eating. Trying to avoid the cardboard box products is my starting point for this week. Nothing out of a box. Oh yay....I didn't even realize that was my goal but for the rest of this month....I am not going to eat anything that comes in a box....not a big mac....not KD.....not a box.

Good Luck to you and I am excited to see how your progress goes and if you want to chat anytime....I am here!!!


And here's my thing: I get all pumped up and do really well for a while - maybe even a couple weeks - but then i feel like I need to 'reward' myself and slowly the breakdown begins and before very long I am right back in the same old habits. I drive by the fast food on the way to work and back home every day and I can go long stretches without whoring myself out there but at some point I always cave in and partake. And, usually, the first partaking after a long stretch of avoiding is ONLY the first and leads to a second, ...

Starting over again to-day... it's never too late. I've got beautiful grand-babies I want to be around a long time for!





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