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Ok---I know sometimes it's just awesome to fantasize about food.  It might seem "twisted" in some ways or maybe like it's not right to make a post about this....

But....sometimes I think it's healthy to dream about it--to fantasize about diving into a giant bowl of cheese dip and chips or scarfing 12 pints of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting....or downing a stuffed crust pizza or an entire fudge layer cake...stuff like that....sometimes dreaming about it gets it out of your system-like you dream it and it's all great and then you snap back into reality and say, "There's no way I could even eat that much without being sick!" or, "I care about myself too much to overdo it that way!" etc.  I guess that kind of snapping-out-of-it thinking shows that we've changed our thinking about food. (in reality anyway!)


So---I thought I'd make a post about we could share.



99.9% of the time, mine center around sweets.  Particularly chocolate sweets....and lots of them.  Oh how wonderful it would be to go to an AYCE buffet and have a bottomless stomach.  OH YEAH!!!!  Bring on the quality ice cream with hot fudge on the side!  Pile on the brownies--thick and chewy ones!!  Let me dig into some fudge-and some fudge cake--and chocolate pie--and chocolate cobbler a la mode!  And while I'm at it, how'z about a few sleeves of frozen girl scout thin mint cookies--open wide and just pour the whole sleeve into my open mouth and gulp gulp gulp down into my stomach without even chewing! Oh-and the samoas---my teeth could mow through a box of those like a buzz saw!  I could be like on a cartoon like a big vacuum cleaner--insert sound effect--vacuuming up all of the buffet's awesomeness!     So fun to think about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bottomless stomach buffet!!! (Oh how the restaurant would hate to see me coming!)  Ha ha ha ha ha <---evil laugh.




Tell me one of your fun ones! :P


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Great site!! Looks so great-sort of like pinterest has lots of yummy food pics!

The double down sandwich inside of the donuts didn't look so hot--and even though I like grilled cheese-that one in the pic looks like a big ol' mess! :P

Well, my perfect pigout fantasy would be eating a sicilian crust pizza--meatlovers with bacon, pepperoni, sausage, extra cheese please. Downed with lots of regular Coca Cola. With the pizza comes Fried Mozzarella sticks dipped in sauce and  Ruffles Potato Chips with sour cream and onion dip.

Once I'm done with "dinner" I move to very simple thing....Reese's Pieces Sundae made with half butter brickle ice cream and half vanilla. Lots of peanut butter topping. Extra Reese's Pieces.

I've never actually indulged in both this dinner and this dessert in the same sitting--I think the Coke ruined it so I couldn't move on to the dessert. But in my dream it all goes in!

This is a really fun post!

You know what I noticed after some time passed?? I was watching movies with food as one of it's central characters like: Chocolat(visually rich and lucious....), Eat Drink Man Woman(so many beautiful scenes of food), Babette's Feast (she is an artist when it comes to food....), Scent of green papaya, and others...... Food is so central to the human experience....

I have a strong weakness to chips and their families....I won't elaborate but just imagine the chip aisle of your local grocer and you get the idea:)


You had me at 12 pints of Ben and Jerry's, lol... :)





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