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I decided to try out blogging to lose to see if it would help me with my weight lose. Since weight lose programs I have attempted to in the the past nine months have not given me much results.  I have tried two different weight lose programs spending alot of money to only lose 15lbs. I tried Dr. Weightloss and natural slim. Both very upsetting. Following their diets and not seeing much results have been a bummer. Now I have decided that I will try calorie counting. I must admit that I have learned certain things from each program. Starting with protein is a must in my breakfast and eating vegetables in every meal is also a must. But it doesnt seem to be enough. I weight 220 on my 52 frame and would love to be my 170 again. Yes, I know that this still abit overweight. But I have never been thin. I was wondering if you all have any great tips to losing weight. I take any recommendations. Hopefully this will help my process.

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First of all, congratulations for losing 15 pounds.  Second, are you exercising?  Exercising can really help when you hit a plateau.  I'm not an exercise buff, but I've found a couple things I like and I fit in 20 minutes 5 days our of 7.  It's surprisingly easy once you start and pretty soon, your body will actually crave it.  As for the "right" diet, any balanced diet that focusses on fresh vegetables and fruit, enough protein and a reasonable amount of high fiber, unrefined carbs will work.  Personally, I count diabetic exchanges instead of calories because I'm diabetic and that insures that I get in all the protein and vegetables I need.  But calories can work too.  Third, how's your support system?  Do you have family or friends or a diet buddy to support your efforts?  If not, think about going to a therapist who is versed in weight issues.  That can really help to uncover some of the underlying reasons for overeating.  Even journaling about your feelings for a few minutes every day can help.  Finally, are you writing down everything you eat?  I know it's a drag, but it really keeps me honest.

I'm almost halfway through my weight loss journey and have lost 35 pounds.  I'm still over 200, but I hope to get down to 165 myself. 


PS:  Don't give up!  Tenacity, particularly in the face of discouragement, is the single, biggest factor in success!  You can do it!


I bought a food scale so I could truly count calories as accurately as possible. Calorie King is a wonderful site to figure out how many calories are in a certain food. I attempt to eat healthy. That means instead of potato chips, eat a baked potato instead of fruit roll up, eat fresh fruit. Eating foods in the most natural form seems to help me.

Trixie and Paula

Thank you for your advise. I do have a food weight and use it daily. I will start exercise this week. Maybe thats the missing ingredient.

You may also want to have some tests done. I am so slow on losing myself that I've decided to have blood work done. My Dr feels there is a good chance it is hypothyroidism and that can make losing difficult even when on plan. (My issue) I've read some on it and I was hoping to cure mine through diet, but I may need a prescription which would stink, but it if can help me it would be worth it. 


Hi, I already did that. My thyroid is fine. I have been reading though and it seems sleep is a major help. I don't sleep much so have decided to try to get some more sleep. In addition have done days of exercise so far. And these comments and suggestion have really got me motivated.

HI and welcome.

As a life long dieter I decided enough was enough in October 2011 and quit the diet mentality realizing that if I went "on" a diet I would eventually go "off" the diet. Instead I decided to track my food (and that meant weighing and measuring many things), focus on choosing healthy foods most of the time, staying at my calorie goal (which i set at 2,000/day) and moving every day.  Simple and I figured I could live with it.  I didn't give up any food, although I limited wine to the weekends.  Nothing was bad or good and I wasn't bad or good because of what I ate.  It is food. Period.

I was tracking my food on and now use my fitness pal and also joined spark people which seems very good.

If you can change your mind set to doing this as a permanent change to how you eat I bet you'll be more successful   You might want to buy Michael Pollan's Food Rules, where he says "eat food, less of it, more plants."   Over time I've changed my food preferences and want to eat a lot of vegetables. Eating too much is uncomfortable.  Moving every day makes me feel great.

You can do this and you'll get lots of support here.  





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