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What are your cravings right now?????

And do you have healthier substitutes for when the bad cravings creep around?

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Today isn't too bad... I try to remember the popcorn and tea and carrots dipped in the Tastefully Simple Dill Pickle Dip. I know the dip isn't the greatest choice, but if it keeps me out of the Easter Candy and bread, then it's calories well spent! 

This little hot spell we are having has reminded me that I have shorts I was supposed to be fitting in by now!!! MOTIVATION!

Coffee cake!!! I only want it because there's one here at the house that I made the other day and its already conquered me twice. I'm in a weird phase right now and I think I burnt myself out on dieting so strictly because I've been giving into temptations left and right. I know I need to stop.

Today...I am craving veggies. However, yesterday and Monday, I wanted something sweet. I make sure to have fruit, nuts and raisins to eat when the sweet cravings come calling. I also do not keep prepackaged, processed foods in the house. Therefore, I don't have the temptation.

Twizzlers! Ohhhhh, how I would devour most of the bag if I had one right now...

For any sweet cravings, I usually try to hit up the fruit like fresh fruit, applesauce, freeze dried, etc.) or yogurt. Just thinking that will give me a little 'sweet.' For salty cravings like chips or pizza or fries (which are most often), I usually will break out the veggies (raw with ranch or other, freeze dried, and I have a wasabi pea addiction). I know they aren't always the most healthy alternatives, but certainly healthier than eating a huge big mac meal! ;)

Ah - the bane of my life right now!  I have sugar cravings - in particular for chocolate and Coke.  Any suggestions on how to beat them would be welcome.  I've tried fruit with no success.

I find that it's easier to beat cravings if you don't deprive yourself. I had one day a week that I could have something special...and thinking about what would make the perfect item and looking forward to it all week made insignificant little cravings vanish--like anything that wasn't "treatworthy" wasn't worth sacrificing my weekly special treat for.


Also--a tsp of Hershey Special Dark cocoa powder in your yogurt or oatmeal helps with the chocolate cravings. :)

I've found cravings subside after doing a juicing cleanse for 4-5 days... with lots of green vegetables (and some fruits). Anyone seen, "Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead"? SO good.


Seriously, I can't even have cake mixes around lol... ;)

I think it's perfectly good to eat something and then work it off. :)

Chocolate chip cookie!!! :)

Warm chocolate chip cookies--gooey warm ones with ice cream...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....oh, I'm salivating... :P

I crave anything sweet. Anything!

So, I keep them out of the house, for the most part.

If I do have sweets in the house, I will only buy the proportioned bags of mink cookies or low calorie high fiber granola bars. That way if I go off the rails, I haven't done too much damage.

I try really hard to eat veggies before I "give in" to the sweet craving. Cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and lower fat dip is what I turn to.

I also find that if I have a treat once in a while, I don't crave it as much.





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