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Are there certain clothing items you refuse to wear/purchase because you consider the style to be too young looking?


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Mini-skirts are pretty much out but I think I would wear them if I was thinner and felt that they looked good. 

Backless type shirts or dresses - forget it. 

I've never had any cleavage but at least before I would try to wear low-cut tops. Now I wouldn't even dream of it! 

If I did the minis, people would get a large serving of the cottage cheese I'm sporting on the backs of my legs.  (I think shorts in the summer expose it enough!)

Backless dresses---no way--my spare tire that rolls around back would show.

Oh--and I feel funky about sleeveless due to my arm jiggle thingies--the flappers-like when you hold your arms up in the shape of L and there's that fat hanging.  I had heard that people over 30 shouldn't wear them because of that but I hate for any saying to tell me what I can/can't wear.

Oh--and I dare not bikini. I think of those as being for the younger crowd. :P

@Keem - Oh, how I forgot about the bikini! I would love to get back into some sort of 2-piece but I'm not getting my hopes too high! 

@Lisa - That is SO TRUE!!!! My husband will pull stuff off the rack and make me want to either laugh, cry or just think he has gone insane!!! There was just one time he insisted I try on a shirt for an evening out and as much as I resisted it actually looked really nice and I wore it. 

No way!  Obviously you have to use common sense.  I love to shop.  I have seen all different sizes/ages of women wearing all different things.  Confidence & style make a huge impression.  Know what you can wear & what looks good.  

I won't wear mini skirts having read somewhere that if you wore a style the first time it was in fashion, you don't wear it the second (or third or fourth) time!

A few years ago I'd have said that I wouldn't (read couldn't) shop at the Gap.  Just bought two pair of size 10 corduroy jean leggings.  And this summer I said "F it" I'm going sleeveless and wore tank tops and shorts.  Now i dress so that I look and feel good and comfortable.

Brand new to this sight and I have strong feelings about women dressing in the wrong age bracket. I do not think it is because the style is too young looking, but rather it makes the wearer look older.  Let me see if I can explain it. IMO when a 50 yr old woman (I say woman because men seem to age more gracefully) dresses like a 20 yr old, suddenly every wrinkle, dark circle, gray strand and sagging whatever seems to be magnified.  She looks like she's trying too hard.  Not to say that she can't dress stylish or even "younger" but that she has to do it in a more understated way.  She cannot dress head to toe in animal prints like the 20 somethings; but she can wear a smaller dose of animal prints.  Also if you want to dress younger go to the career section of the age group.  The clothes will be better tailored, dressier, give a "put together look" and offer updated classics.  They  will show class, style and emit confidence; she will not look trashy, desperate or clumsy.  Hope that makes sense.

I suppose it depends on what is too young.  I love color and style, so I don't want to drag about in droopy blacks and beiges, but I don't want to be a fashion victim, either.  I tend to go for a classic, American sportswear look with ethnic touches, like a beaded bracelet or funky scarf.  And by the way, what is up with the horizontal print craze?  I went to a large-sized department in my local Macy's to celebate my weight loss (almost half way to my goal) and every other blouse had horizontal stripes!  Isn't the first law of flattering dressing, "Don't wear horizontal stripes!"  And the second law is don't wear tapered pants--plenty of those were on display, too!  I actually talked to the department manager who assured me that their sales were up 11%.  Maybe because they didn't offer anything else! 





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