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I went to the dr. today and was talking with her about all the plateaus I seem to hit when following a diet for awhile and her nurse told me about a plan she used and that helped her lose 60 pds and she has kept it off for years. So I picked up the book and so far what I have read sounds intresting. Have any of you heard of this diet?

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i havent heard of the he the guy who works with the really obese people on tv?

I think so he does the show on ABC that focuses on 1 person for the course of a year. I have just finished up his book and it really seems logical. I mean alot of times we hit plateaus and it's because our body gets use to eating and doing the same things with this diet you are changing everyday so it doesn't have a chance to get use to it.

his approach seems no nonsense and realistic keep us posted :)

That sounds really interesting.  I just realized that the author was in the title of your blog. lol.  I have had similar problems in the past with diet plateaus.  Perhaps I will pick this up for future reference.





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