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Does anyone do Chris Powell's carb cycling - "extreme weight loss edition?" do you have any recipes that you would like to share?

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I'm following this and I have already dropped 10 pounds. It can get a little limiting on what you can have, but I sub in other choices so it doesn't seem so limiting.

do you have any recipes you would like to share? I am willing to try any of them :) Thanks!

I am familiar with carb cycling but not that particular program. I have many years of making quick meals, low carb but I am not a great cook so I can suggest a website or two that have great low carb recipes. One is and the other is, this one is clean eating so no processed foods. They both have great Pinterest pages.

Hope you find some recipes that work for you!

Melissa @
Thank you o much!

I recently bought chris powells book and am going to start it tomorrow. Can I ask which recipies you like the best?

I really like the chicken cobb salad, asian wraps, chocolate oatmeal shake and the chocolate peanut butter shake.

I tried the chocolate peanut butter shake today ,but wasn't sure about chocolate oatmeal I thought maybe it would have a strange texture. I workout daily walking,running, lifting weights what do you do?

I've never heard of this "Carb Cycling" Where can I get this info?

you can type in chris powell choose to lose and you be amazed at what you can find withour buying the book

That I should do - I know at BC we have a bunch of recipes too.  I just have not started it yet - I would really need to just sit down on a weekend and meal plan and make all my meals ahead of time. Is that what you ladies do?

I just started it today and I found planning it out makes it easier. And it's not easy if you don't. I screwed up today because I didn't have the things prepared I needed and didn't stop for meals like I should so I went back to old habits. So tomorrow is another day and I will keep on schedule.





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