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Hey! I'm Rachel and I have been doing WW since January 2013 :) So far so good but the last week and a half or so I have been slipping into bad habits a bit! I want to nip this is the bud before it affects my weight loss   My main problem is chocolate!! It doesn't help that my boyfriend sits next to me eating some sort of delicious-ness! If I don't see it I don't want it...but when it's there!! Uh oh! 

What I would like is someone who can relate to this!! Someone who wants to chat, offer tips/support, who can understand this dilemma, and visa versa.

I am 26, 5ft 2" and I weight 8st 8pounds (54.5kg) yes I know this is a healthy weight and I am happy with the weight (ish) but its all about toning now and maintaining.  I go to the gym 3 times a week (this last 2 weeks I haven't which may have contributed to the bad habits?!) 

Anyone else need someone to just bounce off of?

Hope to hear from you :) 

Rachel xxx

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Hi Rachel! I would love to be your buddy. :)

Hi Rebecca! That's great! How are you? Are you also doing WW? How is your weight loss going so far?

Hi there, Rachel! Good Morning.

I'm doing pretty well I lost a lb. from yesterday so that's always good. Haha! Well, I actually just re-started, so I technically just started monday. I've been through a lot of fails, but before I failed, I was successful  Of course I gained it all back and then some :(

I have done weight watchers before. Actually I think I'm tried everything before at least once. What I'm going to do different this time is just focus on routine of healthy choices, not so much numbers and math. I don't want to diet, I just want to get in the habit of healthy choices and know that the weight will eventually come off AND I'll start to feel better. I'm only 27, ya know? I need to feel my age, not always so sluggish and lazy. 

My plan is to exercise a little bit 5-7 days a week. I'm starting off 10 minutes, but will increase to 25-40 minutes as I gain stamina. 

I'm not setting like a weight goal or anything because I'm starting to feel like any weight under what I am now should be celebrated, not over looked because I have a goal of a certain number. I'm more concerned with how clothes fit and inches. BTW, I love clothes and shoes, I can not wait until things start fitting me better and LOOK better. Anyways, I know this is long but it's a little background about me.

Now how about you?! WHat are your goals and methods that you are using? What is your diet history? Do you have kids?

Hey hey :)

I guess you could say I am pretty new to the losing-weight game.  I've never managed to stick to anything longer than 2 weeks! I used to just cut out EVERYTHING bad and obviously that does not work as you just end up failing.  

I am doing Weight watchers but on my own (no meetings etc).  I just follow the points system but basically it has just made me realise that it is all about making healthier choices.  You CAN have a chocolate bar but then make sure your lunch/dinner is a healthier one! I have also joined the gym (the fact that I am paying is incentive to go!!!) I do enjoy it when I am there though and you feel awesome after a work out!

My goals are similar to yours, I am more concerned with how things look on me and how I look to myself in the mirror and not just what the scales say.  I am tracking my weight though (weigh in once a week, same time) as its a bit of "proof" for me and encourages me to carry on.  Hitting 8 stone 7 (119lb) would be an achievement for me as I cant remember the last time I weighed that!! I am currently around 120lb so I am SO nearly there!!! I had a stand still on the weigh loss last week due to many things (going away to visit friends=eating out, EASTER!!!) Haha! I gave myself a talking to (joined up on here) and have got back on track.  I even gave my boyfriend all my Easter eggs :P Haha!!

My main thing is now toning up as Ive still got wobbly bits :P 

I do not have kids but we are currently trying :) so fingers crossed that, that is soon :D

Do you have kids?

Really nice to have someone to chat to about all this "diet stuff" as I I dont think the other half can take anymore :P 


Yes, it is so nice to have a place to come and talk about this stuff. Starting out, I'm sure it's always on your mind. I think it's on my mind whether I am dieting or not, but doing something about it always feels good. But so does junk food. It's hard to just stop eating junk food! lol

I have a daughter who is almost 2. I'm probably going to start trying for another next Spring. I hope to have achieved a 360 in health by then because last pregnancy I had problems with my blood pressure. It was sooo high. It's still a little high now, so I've been eating celery. I hope I learn to love the taste...

Good luck on WW, my mom did it and lost a ton of weight. She liked the point system and was most succeful when she wrote everything down. I know you'll do great! You don't have a long way to go. You might gain some muscle weight from working out but don't let it scare you! Just judge on the way you look and feel, not numbers. :D GL! 

Hi Rachel. I am not doing WW, however I have in the past, along with many programs and tactics. Other than after my two babies, I'm always within about 15lbs of my ideal weight, and like you I'm a healthy weight, so it's not so much major weight loss as it is keeping within a range I'm happy with and improving eating and exercise habits and just feeling better.

I totally hear you on the difficulties of other's eating being a bad influence. My hubby has never had much regard for eating healthy or normal quantities, and he's very much a hearty meet, potatoes, and mass quantities of starches kind of guy. It's tough for me to even plan lighter meals, since he's convinced he doesn't like them. I feel sometimes that I'd be at a lower weight if I wasn't around him most nights, which of course is no answer, since I want to get rid of the temptations but definitely not get rid of him. :)

I was just brainstorming introducing (slowly) a few things to him...a lighter meal or two here and there like a healthy soup and salad or sandwich, a main course salad (with a few sides of course), etc. I also plan to just buy less chocolate and candy to have in the house as temptations, or find out which he likes that I don't as much, so at least it's LESS tempting. Also, not that I want to encourage him to eat bad anytime, but if he's going to do it, I like to suggest he do it at work or other times, and not so much when I'm right next to him on the couch. I don't know, I obviously don't have all the answers, since I'm still having issues.

Best of luck to you! Sounds like you are doing well in a lot of areas overall, so take pride in that! And I bet a few more trips to the gym will also help you resist (at least it typically works that way for me). Have a great rest of your week!

Hi Cassie :D 

Men ey? Haha!! My boyfriend is German so any meal without meat in it is an insult to him haha!! 

It's annoying thought because if I can't see it then I really have no cravings at all, but when my brain is reminded "ooooooh yummyness" then I have a real battle to say no.  Grrrrr.  I'm covering a few shifts at a cake shop in my village over the school holidays (I normally work in a preschool) and as you can imagine this is really not ideal when on a diet!! Today when I closed up (and had to throw all the left over cakes away) my finger did "dip into some icing here, break a bit of cake off there" Naughty!!! I over pointed what I had because there was no way of pointing it properly but I really wish I hadn't done it as I'm feeling guilty now.  I will still be within my points today because Im going to make a healthy tuna pasta bake for dinner but I still feel bad as without that little slip up it would have been a really good eating day! 

Never mind, its in me now :P I have to do the same shift tomorrow and have decided to take a lollypop with me to suck on while I'm closing up which will stop me doing it again.  Why can't I just say no? Silly will power.  Although after feeling this guilty today I really don't think I would do it again anyway, maybe that's going to be my way of learning.  Have to make the mistake first I guess :)

Nice to meet you Cassie :) I like that I can ramble on here and hope I'm not going on too much!!

Have a great day/evening girls :)






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