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Hi everyone! So, I have tried about everything else by keeping this to myself. Sooooo, its time I start to actually admit that I have a problem.

I have struggled with weight problems since I was about 14 years old. When I was young, I was really fit because I was a competitive swimmer and I never had a problem. As I got older the pressure to be perfectly thin (and not muscular) started weighing on me. (Get it? Weighing??) This caused me to look at myself with constant criticism and self hate. I have to be honest, I have amazingly kept a relatively clear head about it all and I have never actually had a full blown eating disorder or anything. I simply just struggle, as so many dom to lose any weight and to be happy with how I look.

Yesterday was my first day of being healthy! I was successful and I am so so happy. So I started out at 212 pounds and weighed myself this morning and I am 205! I know most of this is water weight but I its mother nature's visit as well so I am extremely boated. I feel so much better having been healthy yesterday. 

Today's goals=drink way more water. Stick to healthy food plan. And breathe more :)

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Welcome! I hope blogging is helpful in your journey :)  





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