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Hi everyone, I quit eating meat and eggs in 2010,it was more of a religious thing than a healthy choice, I am a Sikh and we are not allowed to kill ny living thing for our pleasure. So I am doing good with that, i dont realy feel the cravings to eat a chicken sandwich or nythng, but the problem is to replace eggs, i see that almost every dish or every food product has eggs in there, i know tht being vegan means, no animal products at all,, but i still eat cheese and drink milk, just not the meat and eggs. So if there is nyone who has the same situation, but has the solution to it or anyone who has any ideas or suggestions,, plz let me know, i realy dont hv ny breakfast ideas, cuz i dont like to eat sweet stuff frsrt thing in the morning, but wht salty stuff is there to eat.plz help.

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thanku soooooooo much, this is gonna help me big time, i hv tried using banana for cake but yes i do need to add baking powder for the texture nd fluffiness but it tasted wonderful, iwill b looking into ur recipes as well, thanku once again.

I gave up meat in December of last year. It's one of the best decision I've ever made in my life. I don't miss meat at all, but learning a new cooking style has been a challenge. I still give in to an occasional slice of pizza and sometimes eat something like zucchini bread that someone else has made that has eggs in it, but it is rare and I'm getting better at substitutes. One egg substitute I learned about is chia seeds. You mix chia seeds with an equal amount of water and let it sit for about ten minutes. It will become the consistency of an egg white. You could mix with tofu for an egg scramble or use it in baking.


thanku for replying, m gonna try tht chia seeds, cuz i lovedddd eggs lol,specialy the boiled eggs, but i i wanna eat the omlet sometimes, so these will help me for the omlet lol,,thanks

hmm, breakfast, you could try toast with almond butter and cheese...  it's weird, but surprisingly good... you could also have a bowl of savory oatmeal; maybe a whole-wheat english muffin with a slice or two of cheese and a piece of fruit and some roasted salted almonds on the side?  just some ideas ... oh yeah and def. a tofu scramble!

oh and socca!! it's equal parts chickpea flour and water ... cooked on a griddle like pancakes.  it's super delicious and doesn't need eggs!

thankuu somuch, i never even thought abt these ideas, i will try these for sure.





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