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I am turning 40 on May 19th and hate it, hate it, hate it.  My mom asked " are you thinking about losing weight?  You really should, you were happier then, and if you don't do it now that you're gonna be 40 you'll have more health problems.  Like a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.  I know she loves me, but ever so often she'll have the same question and tell me similar stuff too, like " Now that you're gonna be 40 you won't lose weight as easy and you'll have a harder time toning everything up." 

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Don't fret over 40. Embrace was my best birthday ever!!!

Regarding your moms advice about getting older. My mom always told me the same thing and dang if she wasn't right. It does get harder as you get older.

40 is just a number! It is how you feel that matters. It is out of love that she wants you to get healthy. I know I am VERY sensitive about my weight & when someone makes a comment on how or why I should lose, I get defensive. I know I am fat, I don't need to be reminded..but I do. It is not easy to lose weight at any point in our lives but it IS doable. 

ARGH!  I got that question from my parents my whole adult life!  I gained the Freshman 15 and when my Mom came to pick me up she suggested I run along behind the car!  I kid you not!  At age 57 (or so) my Dad asked me to get on the scale and he'd give me $20 for every pound I lost between Labor Day and Christmas.   Ironically now that I've lost weight AND kept it off my Dad isn't around to see me and my Mom has dementia and doesn't remember I was every fat.  BUT I bought a Kind bar and she looked at the calories and said "that has a lot of calories....."

I finally got serious about my weight at age 61 1/2 and while it was slower I'm not so sure it was age related as it was my mindset.  This time I committed to eating healthy more times than not.  I started to move every day.  The weight started coming off and kept coming off.  Now down 80 pounds and feel terrific.

BTW, I did have a heart attack in Feb 2013 having lost 50 pounds and walking every day.  Sometimes S * *T happens!

You may have to have a heart to heart talk and let your parents know that this type of talk is not only hurtful it is not helpful.  Good luck

Martha - what an insightful and inspiring post. 

My mom didn't ride my back for my weight, since she was actually the one who was extremely overweight.  I was always the skinny minnie and she didn't want me to be like her.  I think it was her fear.   So for me, the art of loosing weight was non-essential for a long time and I honestly haven't been able to handle it.  I gained after the birth of my first son, I lost some but then had some emotional baggage I carried and hid behind my weight.  I lost some, then got married and had another son.  I gained back and have continued to gain over the years.  Before my mom passed, she would tell me, you better get it off now, cause its harder later as you get older.  Now, I'm old and I can hear her words in the back of my mind and I say to myself .... "My momma was right".

Its nice to hear that it can be done ... whether close to 50, over 50 and into your 60's.  That is encouraging.

I know its hard to hear but I am sure she wants to help because she loves you.  Too often the people in our lives are afraid to speak the truth to us and sometimes we then don't see the truth because we pretend it doesn't exist.  I am grateful to the people in my life who spoke the truth to me about my weight so when I was ready I could change.

My mom is the same way: well-meaning comments about my physical appearance that I'd just as soon not hear.

And remember to choose whose advice you're going to listen to and whose to let in one ear and out the other. If you want to hear how 'hard' it is, keep listening to those folks. Then you'll have an excuse and you can justify. I was a fat@ss at 22 years old and at the time I don't remember it being too 'easy' to lose weight.  I'm 50 now and only just made up my mind yestreday to do what I need to do to get healthy. It's taken me that long because I'm kind of slow. I don't have insurance and I've been diabetic for 25 years, so maybe it will be 'hard'. Oh well.

All the best to you, Julie! Each day is a new adventure, with new opportunities to help and encourage others. Don't let a big meal or a bad day deter your progress! Run the race and finish well!!





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