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Who here has "aging" stuff happening already?
Like stereotypical textbook stuff such as sagging, lines/wrinkles, grey hairs, and vericose veins?


Do you make efforts to disguise it or do you accept it?

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ugh!  Things I don't want to think about!  I have just enough grey hair for it to be noticeable in my brown hair--but I'm afraid to color it because I am so bad about upkeep (I'd rather have the gray than they yucky root-line).  My neck is going all turkey-lurkey (probably exacerbated by my weight loss).  My "cycle" is getting all outta whack and my friends from high school are all grandmas.  I live in So Cal, and I gotta tell you, there are women my age (and older) who look freaking fantastic and and women who just look like freaks.  That alone is enough to warn me off of doing anything inject-able or surgical.  I think I'm just going to keep working out and making appointments to keep the visible hair reasonable and the toenails attractive. 

Oh, I hear you on the "turkeyneck!"  ... weight loss can suck sometimes!


Ok, so I am not quite 40+... but I am starting to see the aging already.  Turkey neck freaks me out... I told my hubs that I may need to start buy Stri-vectin at Costco... serious.  I am lucky to have only 5 or 6 grey hairs, and "Hunt and Pluck" each morning.  Not quite ready to age gracefully.... maybe next year... NOT!

The turkey neck runs in my family....but right now I am overweight enough still that it just looks like a double chin...not sure if that is better or worse...LOL


Well, I'll be 38 in the summer and I have most of the above. I'm not sure there is that much you can do about sagging and lines or spider veins unless you are willing to pay big bucks for surgery. I am blonde so I am fortunate that the large number of silver hairs I have seem to be only visible to me. That said, I have started dying my hair occasionally as I know the silver is there. I don't mind silver but being in my 30s I am not yet ready to give up on being a blond. My parents are both blond and now that they are in their 60s they just look like they have very light blond hair.

Over the last year I've been highlighting my hair instead of coloring it. I was afraid of the dreaded root line as well. It's a much better plan. She put several different colors in and it looks really nice.  This way you can just "distract the eye" from seeing the grays. Don't even talk to me about the turkey neck! My husband is 9 years younger than I am and I'm sure my neck must be scaring the heck out of him already!

Joined WW to help keep weight in check...want that stubborn 10 off before menopause makes it full attack...try  to stay active...trying to buy trendy outfits when budget allows...highlighted my hair to cover grays a few years back...then I tried the box at home (cheaper), will go back to highlighting if summer sun highlights don't do the job/ like the salons highlighting better than do at home box coloring....salons last longer and looks more natural

It is not just what happens on the outside of the body that can be anb issue. Found out after 42 years of not having any problems with poison ivy....your body changes as you get older....then you can get poison legs are making up for 42 years of not caring about that plant!!!!!!

I hear you about the turkey neck. I lost 110 lbs a year and a half ago and was very excited. Until I looked in the mirror! What I had invisioned was not what I saw. The hanging loose skin and the wooblys as my grandson tells me, on my arms and neck. It really is hard to accept. My hubby says he'll help me pay for surgery but I'm not sure I want to go there. Recently I gained back 35 lbs of my weight and yes some of the wrinkles disappeared but so did my spirit. I have recently started on my journey again this past two weeks and have 100 lbs or so to go. So I guess when it comes to weight loss or wobblys just call me Wobbly Nanny. I will have to deal with it one day at a time because gaining back the weight is NOT an option..

Hi~ new here...yes, I have wrinkles to the neck, crow lines, gray hair,thinning hair ~ I color my hair a little lighter than my usual dark brown and plan on adding highlights.  I rely on my beautiful smile and smoke and mirrors,haha.  Yes, I accept what is happening to me yet I do use reasonable means to play up my good features.  My spanish grandma always took great care of herself...always dressed in a beautiful outfit, makeup, jewelry, perfume....  She was probably in her 70's at the time and you know, there is something to be said for taking good care of yourself at any age.  I think women can be beautiful at any age. So, hopefully, I can age gracefully, stylishly and with my kindness in tact.  I will be 49 this year. 

Me!  The grey hairs are coming in faster and faster (I just turned 49) -- I started coloring and messing with my hair when I was young (prob 16 or so with "sun in" --- i have very dark hair so that was lovely) - now it seems I color it and 5 days later the greys back :(   Now I wish I didn't have to color my hair!   I feel turkeyneck is on it's way too - just all wonderful things....blah!

I am over 40 and I have ridden this ride and bought the entire carnival many times over. It's insanity. If I would just simply take care of myself, I wouldn't have to keep yo-yo'ing all over the place! One month, I am covering the grey, buying new clothes, doing my nails, attempting to move my rear end. The next month, I don't care. It's horrible and I am sick of it!





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