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Are you the active type of mom that you participate w/your kids when they play-like run and play soccer with them or baseball etc or do you watch from the side?


I think I'm both.  I do play with my daughter-frisbee and things I like to play.  I don't swim with her because swimming is not my thing. (don't want to mess up my makeup or get my hair wet)

Having said that, there are times that, if she has someone else to play with-like a friend or even my husband, I will sit on the side and just watch.  Sometimes it's so she can have fun and bonding times with others--sometimes it's just because I'm tired.  (Given that she's an only child, I'm often my daughter's playmate-especially during weekends and holiday breaks/summer etc)


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I'm very hands on but I am finding that as my oldest gets older we don't do as much as we used to. He has friends and mom sometimes just isn't in the mood. :(





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