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Again, I wanted to prime the pump over here.  I'm 41 now, but, I wanted to get the goose-egg off of this forum. :P


So--what one thing (weight related or not) do you remember most about your 30s?


Of course, mine was becoming a mother. (I was 32)

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What I remember most about my 30's is I got married, moved from my home state of CT to TN and received my Associate Degree from college. I was the first and only person in my family who did.

I'll bite, though I've still got about 4 years to top it.  I earned my Master's Degree.  :-)

I'm in my 30s! 

Had my second baby. 

Quit my job to run my business. 

SO curious what the next 5 years have in store for me!  (I'm 35. :) 

Im 34, so still have a long way to go, but at this rate they will fly and i will wonder where they went.

last year i had a beautiful 11p2 baby boy, that was the biggest thing to ever happen to me haha

also left a fabulous job because of him but it turned out to be the right thing to do because now i have an even better job opportunity just around the corner.


I'm turning 33 later this month, so still have plenty of room to add to my "30's" chapter.

So far, it's been a roller coaster... not sure I could sum it up with ONE thing, as I've been all over the emotional spectrum. I met 30 head on, feeling happier and healthier than I had ever been in my life. I was in great shape, single, loving my job and my life in the big city. Even signed up with Team in Training a week after my birthday to train for a marathon... crazy! Before I could accomplish that though, I lost my Mom (and my very best friend and biggest supporter) to lung cancer. This sent me into a tailspin. I was depressed and lost, ended up gaining back all the weight I'd lost and then some. But during that time, I also met my boyfriend, who I am now planning to marry and who brought into my life his wonderful boys. This transition of losing my own Mom and then coming into my own motherly role has been remarkable.

I'm 35 and can say at the half-way mark it's been quite an adventure. My very best friend lost her battle with breast cancer a few months after my 30th birthday. I'd say that has been the low point, yet I am incredibly thankful for the time we spent together and that I had the opportunity to know her, love her, thank her and tell her goodbye.

On the upside, I got married (32) had my daughter (33) and have really, really enjoyed every bit of motherhood so far,

I am nearly 39, and my thirties have encompassed a lot!

I split up from the man I thought I would marry and be with forever, bought my own house and renovated it, met the love of my life and married him and had our son. I am so much better off (not in money though!) leaving my thirties than entering them.

Ofcourse the elephant in the corner is my low self esteem around my body and my yo-yo dieting for all of my thirties. I would so love to have this sorted before I turn 40; but am sadly not convinced.

Currently I am 33 and so far it has been becoming a mother as well. I never worried much in my 20's if children were in my future or not but I am so blessed to have a wonderful, loving daughter. My husband and I look forward to trying to having another child later this year. Having a family put a lot of other things in my life into perspective as I try to be a good role model for my daughter. I tolerate a lot less drama from people, including people in mine/my husband's immediate family, and try and surround myself with people who aren't so toxic :)


Losing 160 pounds. I am 33 and hopefully the next memorable like you, will be having a baby.

I am 35, almost 36.  Spent the first 5 yrs of my thirties in a committed relatiosnhip...being a stepmom, giving my all to a "family."  and had it tossed aside by a selfish guy.  Better off for it.  Then, as I rebuilt, I lost my job.  Great:)  So during all that I regained the 35 lbs I lost last year on WW.  Have since relost 22 of that.  Entirely focused on an end of my thirties that focuses on ME and not on other people.

I am clinging to my 30's for dear life! (I'm 38 now, will turn 39 on Christmas and then in one week I'll have to say "I'll be 40 this year!") I find myself reflecting on a lot of things that I did and tried in my twenties (especially music related - recording my first CD and being a starving artist for about a year and a half trying to promote it) that I have a totally different perspective on now.  In the last 4 years, I got married, moved from my beloved NYC to ATL and had a baby.  My new responsibilities are shedding new light on old dreams that I still plan to make happen (like finally record a second CD and launch a fitness related business...but these all now have a different emphasis), especially because I have a child who is going to look up to me and I want to teach from example what it is like to peruse your dreams.  I'm sure I still have a lot left to learn in my last year and a half being a "30 something" and I trust that when I turn 40, I will have all the gas in my tank that I want to put the pedal to the medal and "live life like it's golden" (*singing Jill Scott in my head*).

I'll be 35 in December, so I've got a while yet.  Hoping to make some awesome memories over the next 5 years.  :)

So far... I remember getting married (on my 30th birthday), earning my Master's Degree and deciding to start the journey to a healthy me.





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